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Domo Arigato
I love to make a pumpkin for Halloween every year. I try to figure out what the hottest pop culture trend is, and turn that into a carving. Check out some pumpkins I've done in past years.

This year, I decided to make a version of the weird Japanese "Domo" character floating around the internet. I never thought that a mascot for NHK television would wind up shilling for Target and 7-11. And also killing kittens.


For some weird reason, my phone also took a version of the photo that's entirely purple, and spatially shifted.
I think my camera is haunted!


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Target? I didn't know about that one. :-)

Thanks for sharing!

I think my pumpkin will, though... especially after three weeks on my front porch

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Nice work on all of them! The purple flub became my desktop du jour. I love it!

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All bow before Domo! :-)

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