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I'm attending IMsL for the first time next weekend. Is anybody else going? I've asked around, and there aren't any "natal" gay men I know going. But I wanted to be supportive to the women's leather community, by giving money and clapping as the parade goes by. I want to make sure I'm respectful... I don't want to stomp around in my boots and make a lot of noise and take up a lot of space. I don't think it's an appropriate place to be a loud asshole guy. Women rock! And I want to be a part of that energy and try to contribute my presence and love to a great event.

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I'm not going.

But you ROCK! :-)

I'm going! Let's hang out. One of the things I am doing is running the Celebrity Charity Auction and I have some "natal" gay men for sale: Bootdog, Nayland and Master Skip.

Do you get a discount if you buy more than one? You know I'm cheap that way!

It's a fundraiser, silly!

I'm going...there are other non trans gay guys that show up every year too.

I can't go this year, yet I have been and trust me: there will be plenty of gay men there too!

Have fun.

~ Pug


Dirty, but still incredibly sexy!

ENJOY! :-)

I'm sure that you'll be as accepted at the IMsL as you would be at IML.

... so... "tolerated with disdain"? That was how I was acepted at IML! {grin}

(Deleted comment)
You'll be in S.F this weekend?

Unfortunately, I'm not able to go, BUT my leather sister is competing for the bootblack title. Her name's Pony and she is teh shit. If you see her, say hi and let her know Riley sent ya. ;)

Gutted as I'll be on the opposite coast (NY) but you just went up several points on my rocks-ometer ~s~

Say hi to Q for me if you get the chance?

I'll be there. Boots and Cigars party Saturday night! WOOOHOOO!

I'll be there, Obviously. Look me up. I'll be with the bootblacks. I look forward to finally meeting you.

Oh yeah, In John Pendal's step down speech for IML he stated that he never got as much sex as he did at IMsL. You should get even more as even more people are attending. Have fun.

Maybe I can advertise myself as a novelty. Hundreds of hot leatherwomen, and I can say, "Sure, but have you had a MUDCUB yet today?" I could be kind of like a palate cleaser, an amusing refreshment between courses...

You can be my amuse bouche!

hmmm, its a pleasant little amuse bouche, it starts with the taste of sweat and leather and it has a pleasant finish of motor oil and sex...

Damn, now I am hungry and horny!

Enjoy yourself Mudcub and take pictures...

I am sure that between Lolita and I we can get you into all kinds of fun trouble. Draw up a sign advertising your wares and I know I can find a place to hang it.

One of the great secrets of IMSL is that it's a fantastic place for gay men to "connect."

Hell, I'd go just to root for the one, this year, who makes her own ropes (and more)!

For the best corsets, though, ...

You could wear your outfit from Primal j/k

Stompin' around in boots, making noise, and takin' up space? I had no idea you were a leatherdyke!

Hope it was fun.

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