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I'm gone for the weekend to Las Vegas SmokeOut, one of my favorite leather events of the year. No contests, no lectures, and no drama. Just a bunch of hot hunky men sittin' around the swimmin' pool smokin' cigars, dippin', and shootin' the shit. I wish life could be like that every day.

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(Deleted comment)
Fergot about that! I'm still hoping to host a dipper party in Denver in July.

Is the dude next to you wearing fishnets?

The dude looked like a lady

Yeah. Yeah.

I love that song.

So, this was a lady with big arms, a badass tattoo and a cigar. this does sound like fun.

I'm sure to be around the pool with glovercom

I got you this for that ashy skin problem you seem to have. ;)

"...no drama..."

*falls over laughing*

Well.. at not least on *my* end

Life is drama. the only time you escape it is whne you are in the ground.

i want to go sometime. i dont smoke much but i do love a good cigar, or 2nd hand smoke

There are gay guys that dip? I feel so stupid even asking that, but that is very uncommon here in Seattle as far as I can tell. I grew up in Idaho where it was a bit more widespread amongst the masses.

Oh yaeh, a whole bunch of us. There's something at SmokeOut called "dipper's hill" where we all hang out.

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