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Peeps On My Face
About a dozen "Ask me To Do Anything" Orders left to do from March. For example, nlotic  told me:

"Take a picture with Marshmallow Peeps all over your face."

I thought this was appropriate for Easter Sunday.


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they are going on sale any minute...

*coughcoughfreakcough* ..Allergies..

I do hate to be the one to tell you this, but those are NOT true Peeps, Peeps are chicks, hence the "peep"

I think that you deserve at least a tiny punishment for failing to use the REAL peeps, so, how about a picture of you with peeps all over your penis?

I agree. Mission not accomplished yet.

Oh! Good catch! Forgot about that. Yeah, that's me... a slave who is bad at details . Plus, i wasn't sure i satisfied the requirement of "all over my face" since i only used 8 bunnies. i'll look for more peeps in sale at the grocery store tomorrow!

& you can "glue" them on with Marshmallow Fluff!

I like the way you think!

(Deleted comment)

I feel sorry for the Peep with the torn ear.

i couldn't resist, Sir! i have to have a bite.

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