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Hicks Bull
Black eye
"What Would Bill Hicks Say?" edited by Ben Mack and Kristin Pulkkinen

p.23, sentences 5-9:

"Well, we've a fucked up economy, a fucked up war we shouldn't even be in, and we've a president who wants to protect the rights of sperm, and what's the big issue for all you voters? Gays getting married. Yeah, that's right, gays getting married is at the top of your list. But that's not the part that makes you all idiots..."

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At some point he'd be sayin' "I know this isn't a popular opinion. Sorry. 'But Bill, if they get married then peopel can marry dogs and horses and goats' aaannnddddSHUTTHEFUCKUP! Stop your internal dialogue you whiney, self-involved neo-Christ morons." Or some such thing.

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