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(no subject)

I bought a print from Scott Church. Church is a well-known photographer of male and female nudes. Here is the picture I just framed:

It's a photo of a real big stud - incredibly furry and horny as hell. And I'm talking *huge*... I wouldn't want to be caught alone in a dark back room with this guy. I bet he don't smell too good in real life, but he don't care. He's a real beast, and the pic shows him in all his glory.


Yeah, Church has all those great photos of male nudes, so I'm not sure why I wanted to buy a photo of a bull to hang on my bathroom wall (and no, it's not because of an interest in bestiality!) It's a great photo - one not replicated too well in this digital shot - full of really subtle blacks and greys, and amazing detail for all that hair.

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Save a cow! Ride a ponyboy!

Cowboy nutts driven into my butt!

Man, they need to improve that scratch 'n' sniff photography they abandoned in the 50's....

I've enjoyed many of Scott Church's works -- his self-portraits show a man comfortable with his *own* body as well, which is a nice change. :o)

This piece is on his LJ here, btw: http://scottchurch.livejournal.com/726791.html

I agree about the depths of the shades, very captivating... :o)

Woof. Super hot!

it's not because of an interest in bestiality!

Oh right. ;-)

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