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I want a match

If I was in Denver, I know where I would want to be: the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown on April 24-26, 2009! Held every year at the JeffCo fairgrounds, it's all the pinball you can play for $15... no quarters required! Plus, there is a competition each day - usually on a new machine nobody has figured out yet. There's a time limit and a *lot* of luck involved, so just about anyone can be a pinball winner.

However, if I was *actually* in Denver this weekend (which I won't be), what I would probably be doing is painting my house. After 6 months of my old house being on the market with no offers, I switched realtors. And the new guy doesn't like the color of my walls. He wants everything white (a side note to Master Thor... "White, white, white is the colour of our carpet!")

But the new realtor has done a great job of advertising. Check out the new photos on the Sotheby's web site. I like how he used a white-angle fisheye lens to make everything look bigger. And there is a virtual walkthrough that is pretty amazing. Maybe I should buy the house myself! But I feel bad that my parents and my ex are having to do all the work of painting my house to get it to sell. I owe them one... in a lot of ways.

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I would love to play with you! :)

Fifty cents! We'll play doubles. You go first!

Yes, a beautiful house, but I was miserable there at the end of my relationship. Proof that you can have everything and still not be happy.

I'd rather live in a one-room apartment with friends coming in and out vs. a "Citizen Cane" existence in a huge empty house full of fighting and crying. That was a hard lesson to learn.

Edited at 2009-04-22 10:38 pm (UTC)

Yes, a house ain't necessarily a home.

I can't believe I mispelled Citizen Kane. Bad movie geek!

You'll just have to meet "Rosebud" <EFG>

How 'bout it?

Are you talking about the sled? Or about the fisting convention coming up May 1-4 in Guerneville, CA (see http://www.handballheaven.com for details)

I was contemplating a bit of tongue-play "down there" :)

Okay, the end of your relationship sucked. I so totally feel for you.

That aside, it really IS a beautiful house.

It just wasn't your home towards the end. :-)

I don't want to offer an opinion where one is not wanted, but you may want to double-check on what some designers think about white walls with white carpets. Lots of different 'shades' of white together don't cut it very often ...

Yeah, interior designers are like assholes. Everybody is one.

And they all stink. Did I get the quote right?

Well, I'm not sure I concur completely; but one (obvious) upside of white is that it is 'neutral' and easy to paint over, so that the 'traffic' can imagine their own colors on the walls ... the realtor may be onto something.

Out of curiosity, what has the realtor said about financing availability? I'm curious how the marketplace is weighing the benefits of higher, conforming jumbo loan amounts, if at all ...

nice job on the house. I like the colors.

Is that seriously YOUR house!!!?

And it's ONE house? Not a townhouse / duplex / apartment? Coz it looks friggin' HUGE - and it's GORGEOUS too!

I know I'D buy it, if I could - that's for sure! WOW! I love it! :-)

Yes. it used to be two condos, my but ex an I tore down a wall and turned it into one house. It's a shame, beacause the sale of that 5 bedroom house will probably only buy me a 2 or 3 bedroom condo in Washinton DC! But I don't want to live in Denver anymore... my heart is elsewhere. Too bad I can't move the house wherever I wanted {grin}

like you even tell us when you are in town.. shesh

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