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Music You've Never Heard #36 To #40
Gas Mask

36. Planet P Project

Oh, I miss concept albums. I loved it when bands came up with some weird idea about elves or. Planet P was a side project for "Rainbow" keyboardist Tony Carey. I guess he's still making CDs, though my favorite was "Pink World". Like a more synth-heavy version of Styx, there seemed to be more humor than most prog-rock concept albums. It's dancable and fun. Even though I'm not sure what the album is trying to say!


37. The Polecats

Noted on this list simply for a single perfect three-minute song "Make A Circuit With Me". Sing it with me now: "I'll be a diode, cathode, electrode, overload, generator, oscillator. Make a circuit with me!" Pure rockabilly goodness. In other news, Denver had an amazing rockabilly scene in the early ninteties, with several zines and venues. I never would have thought it would be popular in the West, but maybe the combination of desert, hot rods, and the freedom of the open road really germinated a lot of great new wave swing bands.


38. Red 7

I fell in love with the song "Heartbeat" from the movie Manhunter (which also had an another amazing song in it, The Prime Movers "Strong As I Am"). Even though the Red 7 song was used in the TV show Miami Vice, it shouldn't be confused with the Don Johnson song "Heartbeat" which is absolutely awful.

I have a list of the CDs in my archive (http://www.patrickkellogg.com/lists/cd_archive.htm) since my move, now woefully out of date), and every few months someone will find a CD in a google search and email me asking for a copy. Sometimes, I oblige. I ripped a copy of some rare Underworld tracks for a couple's wedding in Brazil. But I've been offered over a hundred dollars for the original CD of Red 7's "When The Sun Goes Down", and I don't think I'll ever take anyone up on the offer.


39. Rhythm Corps

I bought the cassette for "Common Ground" (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb4PbTuHwC4), but the whole album is pretty good. Slick eighties-style production, but that's a good thing. They didn't last long... two albums as Rhythm Corps and few EPs with other names. I don't know why I have a soft spot for this band. I guess because it was proto-grunge... guitar-heavy emo that foreshadowed how earnest Pearl Jam would be a few years later. Eighties bands were so goofy, that when they tried to look earnest they seemed even sillier. Kind of like the way "The Sharks" versus "The Jets" in a Gershwin dance-off looks so innocous today, but at the time probably looked like a gritty vision of gang violence and teen deliniquency. Proof that everything, like "gangsta rap" and speed metal, will all be see as quaint in the future.


40. Robyn Hitchcock

He's so good he shouldn't be on this list with all of these one-hit wonders. Robyn has an amazing thirty year back catalog of mind-blowing music. I was first sucked in with the cassette "I Often Dream of Trains", just because there was a goofy a capella song "Uncorrected Personality Traits". But while I was expecting full album of a Dr. Demento outtakes, I received a bunch of delicate acoustic songs about death, sex, and food, sone with arcane lyrics and wistful imagery.

I think Robyn tries a bit *too* hard to be obtuse. His between-song patter is famous for spinning long stories tha make no sense, about people with lightbulb heads ("He turns himself on in the dark!") and surrealism. I love his solo suitar stuff like "Eye" (Robyn is one of the most underrated guitarists of today... deft fretboard work on top of creative chording), but I alos love his hard-rocking tunes with a full band, like my favorite "Globe of Frogs". He is an absolute treasure, in my humble opinion.


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I had that song stuck in my brain for ages, like since I was a teenager. I used to watch the video all the time on my uncle's BetaMax machine that I recorded Friday Night Videos on! I finally looked it up on YouTube and while it doesn't suck...what is up with that guy's hair!?

Interesting to find out they were connected to late-model Genesis somehow.

Usually love Robyn Hitchcock. HATED 'I often dream of trains'.

And I HATED "Queen Elvis". Funny, isn't it? But the guy has recorded so many songs over a period of decades that there is always something new I can discover in his music.

So there’s that “Common Ground” song I heard 20 years ago, never remembered who did it and had it stuck in my head without knowing who the performer was until now. I’ll probably forget again and need to be reminded in another 20 years!

I need to go back though all your lists and make a list of the artists I've seen. Yesterday it was NRBQ, today it's the Polecats. I luv me some rockabilly.

So far, I've heard of (and enjoyed at one time or another) at least one artist/band from your list. :-)

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