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Smash boom bang
Black eye

Two idiot teenagers smashed into the back of my car last night. They weren't drinking - they were just driving too fast around the corner in front of my house, lost control, and slid sideways into my Beetle. My car has some smashed plastic and needs new tires and alignment from going sideways, but their car had a broken axle and probably much more.

I like the "gay/leather" flag on the back of my car. I made it myself with two stickers and a pair of scissors. Now I have to make another one. Damn.

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their car had a broken axle and probably much more.

Like their little lives broken once their folks get a hold of them!

i'm sorry that happened to you. i'm glad no one was hurt. that is a mighty handsome sticker, do you think i may be able to convince you to make me one?

I don't know why I thought you drove a Miata... a Beetle is much cooler! Even if it's not a TDI.

At least you're O.K.

sorry to hear of your accident. Glad that you are OK.

Rascals! They would probably get done in by their parents tho...

Shouldn't that number plate read: MUD-CUB though? ;o)

Glad you weren't in the car!

Nice sticker.

You were not present to be injured. I'm sorry about your sweet ride and sweeter hybrid sticker.

On the upside these accidents seem genuinely accidental. Whereas when I lived in Calgary-- Canada's centre for hate crimes and bashings! --the flatmate's rear window was smashed because he had a pride rainbow strip on it.

I hope this finds you well, boy.

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