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Paging Found Magazine
So, to recap: Friday night someone slammed into the back of my car, breaking a lot of plastic and lights, but otherwise leaving my car intact. You can read about it in my post at http://mudcub.livejournal.com/110139.html.

Come to think about it, I wrote another post last week about driving into San Francisco (http://mudcub.livejournal.com/109313.html). bikerbear wrote the following as a comment to my blog entry:

"if u get phone calls from seedy drunk characters asking for Veronica, it wasn't my doing.. BWAHAHAHAHAHHA"

So, fast forward to today. I decided my VW was drivable, so I went north into The City for the weekend. I parked my car around the corner from the Lone Star. You know... to be *convenient*. I thought I could drink a bit, then switch to Diet Coke, sober up, and then drive home. My car was at a meter next to the Best Western, where I've stayed many nights when I want to be a slut in San Francisco.

Then, drinking commenced. Boy! The Lone Star has tasty frozen margaritas. A little pricey at $6 each, but well worth it. I had two, and a tasty maduro macanudo cigar. Then I went back to my car.

I saw this:

"RE Fell off my bike by your car. I think I may have scratched it. Let me know if I can help w/ the damages. Tiffany"

I though it was a joke. I looked at my car. There is so much paint damage and broke fiberglass at the back, I can't see any new scratches. And if someone *did* hit my car, how would they know what scratches were there before? I mean... if I hit a car that was as messed up as mine, i would just drive on. And the part about the BIKE? Does it mean a motorcycle or a bicycle? There is no phone number... like I am supposed to automatically know who Tiffany is. So, I was thinking it was all a joke. Maybe the "Tiffany" comment was in the same vein as "Veronica". I mean, I've seen Heathers... one of my favorite movies. Some bear was walking to the Lone Star, saw my car, remembered the post, and thought it would be funny to leave a note.

But the bar was empty, not like anybody was there who would have known me or read my LiveJournal. And I noticed my right rear-view mirror is newly broken, so maybe someone really did smash into my car. At the Lone Star, nobody came up and said anything like, "Hey! Did you read the note?" Does anybody on LJ want to confess that this was intended as a mindfuck? Or is it real? 'Cause it's pretty fucking weird. What a weekend I had, let me tell you.

Fucking Tiffany. I bet she's dating Diego and he's in on it, too (an in-joke for heypyro)

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I confess, I flew to SF, saw your car, and decided to leave a mind fuck note... Just kidding, sorry to hear about all the damage to your bug...

Well, two accidents in two days! It's downright bizarre...

And leaving an apology note with no email or phone number or insurance information? That's cruel if it wasn't so *weird*.

Actually, it sounds like a very "blond" thing to do... But yeah, it seems your car is a magnet for bad driving the past few days...

There were witnesses to the accident. So she felt compelled to leave a note. But she has no intention to "help with the damages." And Tiffany probably isn't even her real name.

Case solved.

She hit my car hard enough to break a rear-view mirror. I hope she's ok. Good luck, Tiffany! Wherever you are...

Wow, that sucks

See you tomorrow.

There really wasn't anyone called Tiffany, and I doubt that person would have wanted to do anything to help.


Sorry to hear about your car babe :o(

well, "tiffany" has at least seven years bad luck for breaking your mirror. double it for a hit and pedal.

I picture Tiffany as this hot leather babe on a superbike.

nah. i'm guessing drunk hipster on moped at best. hot leather babes are *never* named tiffany.

A careful search of Google for variations of Mistress/Goddess/Princess/Lady/Domina Tiffany confirms your statement.

That's my kind of research project!

(Deleted comment)
Well that certainly is the suck. I'm sorry man.

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