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Six Things About Me

1. I have never smoked pot using a bong
2. I used to be a figure skater
3. I can juggle four bowling balls
4. I was extremely disappointed that the musical "Chess" didn't turn out to be ABBA's big comeback
5. I dislike Mother Theresa immensely
6. I want to start a thrash-metal-techno-irish-music-bagpipe rock band

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1. I love the bong. Because of the bong, I do not do laundry, dishes, sweeping, extra-curricular activities or anything more strenuous than watching TV and playing freecell, but it makes me happy.
2. Aren't you, like, 7'8" or something?
3. Can you do this while figure skating?
4. I'm still waiting for the comeback.
5. Why?
6. I would listen to this. Possibly I would worship it.

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