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I Like The Island Manhattan (I Know You Do!)

I will be in New York City this weekend! I love visiting there. Not necessarily for the city, thought it has an incredible amount of great things to see. It's because I get to be "slaveboy" for a weekend for an amazing Master who lives there. I am trying to move to the east coast, and think I have a job transfer lined up to Washington DC this summer. I think that's close enough so I can serve in 24/7 slavery: twenty-four hours a day, seven days a month!

It's frustrating that I'm still waiting for my real life to begin - I still haven't sold my house in Denver, and I'm living out of a rented 10 foot by 10 foot room in San Jose while everything I own is in storage. One day the pieces will fit and I'll get to be in the relationship I want. But the important thing to me right now is that for 60 hours starting Friday night, I will be happy... even when I'm screaming in pain. And that's a wonderful thing.

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Smoke on your pipe
And put that in it!

**dance wildly/ hand claps

have yourself a good scream or three mister!

Have a great time. Call me when you can.


Sucks that I'm there next-weekend. I'll just miss meeting you. But at least this way you and a certain Master will have quality time. I hope he hurts you lots. I want to see bruises, boy. Hot beautiful bruises.

Don't forget the box of See's Chocolates.... ;)

I wanna hear you scream. so scream LOUD.

Good to hear you are reaching for what you want and are serving. Congratulations.

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