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(no subject)

Master Thor was nice enuf to buy me a present: it's a small blue prism that fits over the lens of your digital camera.

It sticks in place with a little bit of goo (kind of like those "wacky wall walkers" of the eighties... so don't worry that it wil harm your precious camera). Here is what it did to my friend's cat:

Another shot of the cat:

And a single flower turns into a bouquet:

This waterfall almost looks natural!

But the fountain seems a little strange:

And my favorite: multi-breasted fireman porn:

This guy was cute until I sub-divided him!

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I'd take a photo of it, but that would be REALLY scary! {grin}

Right. Like you haven't been playing with it all week. I was on the 2nd or 3rd day for both of mine (Jan '97 and Sep '99).

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