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Denver SmokeFest 2009, July 10-12

Hi guys!

If you are currently planning out your summer vacations, think about attending the first annual SmokeFest celebration in Denver, Colorado on July 10-12.

It will be a great event, full of food, friends, and smoking on the back patio of two great Denver bars: the Denver Eagle and the Wrangler. Plus, the gay rodeo is in Denver that weekend, so there will be many *real* cowboys from Colorado and Wyoming in attendance!

Thanks goes to Whit and Bowman for pulling this together. In this age of the internet, it’s too easy to sit at home on the computer and arrange dates one-on-one. To introduce a new public event about smoking in this day and age is amazing, and we should all support this weekend if you’re in the area.

Visit SmokeFest Denver 2009 at: http://smokefestdenver.ning.com
Register and buy weekend tickets at: http://www.man-uppcigars.com/shop/family/smoke_fest_denver_2009
Tickets are $20, and get you many benefits for the various venues. Watch the web page for schedule updates and news, and I hope to see you there!

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>:( I'm going to be in Salt Lake City, Utah instead. Frustrating! This sounds so fuckin' fun.

Well, if you're through the SLC airport, I'd hope we'd somehow bump into each other. :)

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