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Gimme an A
I just can't call it a "wifebeater". So, here is my contribution for "A-frame Undershirt" Wednesday:


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And so much *of* them! {grin}

It should be a whole lot dirtier, stained, and torn.

Try some of that special "Gnome Fondler" solution in the lower belly area, for starters.

*heh* - my immediate response was "where are the pit stains?!" ;)

And I bet he can shoot further than just the lower belly if he really tries...!

I think semen smells kinda like bleach. Maybe it will whiten my shirts as well.

I just can't call it a "wifebeater".

Oh? When did you stop beating your wife?


Those have always turned me on. You sure got the right physique for it!

And so much *of* it! {grin}

The localloquialism (I just made that term up!) for those when I was a kid was, "guinea-t".

{sarcasm}Oh, like *that's* better{/sarcasm}

Edited at 2009-05-28 01:20 am (UTC)

Oh, I know! I had no idea what that meant, at the time... I was, like, 9!

I think I first heard that term from the lady who taught crafts at bible school!

The package called them, "athletic shirts", a clumsy name. Otherwise they were, "tank-tops", although, the straps were thinner, as I remember, and the neck and back scooped deeper.

See? I post a long well-researched post about an upcoming cigar event that needs publicity (Denver SmokeFest 2009 at http://mudcub.livejournal.com/115987.html).

That post gets one reply (one!) Meanwhile, I show some skin, and *this* post gets tons of hits! What is it WITH you guys? Is the internet for PORN or something?

(Deleted comment)
We've learned... um...

The internet is really, really great.. FOR PORN! (Sorry, mudcub.)

your shirt is missing beer stains and grease marks.

Best looking wife beater on a guy ever!

I'll bet that'll look great with your new fundoshi!

I so wanted to win that.

They are only $13 on the web site. You should get a pair!

I want to. I'm fat, though, so I may have to see if I can order one with an extender.

Maybe get a brown one so that the mud stains won't be so visible. :-)

My face needs to be in your pits...YUM!

That's funny! My friends and I called them IKE TURNERS!

nice... sexy pits, love it!

Edited at 2009-05-28 12:54 pm (UTC)

T-shirt hell calls them "boy beaters" for the girlie-cut ones.
I don't see why you can't appropriate the term. I have. I like it when boys get beat.

Pants are bit too clean and pressed and formal. Head the advice above: dirty that shit up, yo. Nice pits.

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