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Overcommitted? Who, me? I'll Get Back To You On That...
I am driving up to San Francisco for the weekend. Can you please help me plan out the next 72 hours of my life?

Things I’ve done in/around/near SF (and really loved)
Pier 39 and Fisherman’s wharf
Shopping in the Castro
Cliff House
Lombard Street
Musee Mechanique
Italian food in north beach
Rode a cable car
Ghirardelli Square
Treasure Island
Visit Alcatraz Island
Watched baseball at the AT&T Park
Ferry to Sausalito
Japanese Tea Garden
The ruins of the Sutro baths
Twin Peaks
Bi-Rite Creamery
Humphrey Slocombe Ice Cream
Things I haven’t done in/around/near SF
Green Apple books
Walked across the Golden Gate bridge
Cable Car Barn Museum
Climb up Coit tower
Mission San Francisco
Palace of the Legion of Honor
Shopping at union square
The Exploratorium
Academy of Sciences
Strybing Arboretum
49-Mile Drive
“San Francisco Fire Engine Tours and Adventures”
Alamo Square
Telegraph Hill Steps
The Murals in the Mission
The Audium
Angel Island
Polly-Anne's Ice Cream
The Warming Hut
The Zoo
Ocean Beach
See a show at Slim’s
The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory (in Berkeley)
Kabuki Springs bath
Things I’m planning to do this weekend
All-weekend party at the Citadel
Hot sex with human pups
Friday night boots gathering at Chaps II
“Up” at the Castro Theater on Saturday night
Bear dance party Sunday night at the Stud (http://www.bearotic.com/2009/05/28/bear-party-benefit-for-sf-stop-aids-project/)
Beard Papa
Museums in Golden Gate park
Look at art galleries near Chinatown
Saturday morning try to buy tickets for Blizzcon
Buy Recchiuti chocolate at the Ferry building
City Lights bookstore
Aardvark books on Church
Amoeba records
See Nayland Blake’s art at the San Francisco library
Drinking Sunday afternoon at the Lone Star beer bust, the Eagle, the Hole in the Wall, and Chaps, walking around in a big drunken circle until somebody picks me up
Places To Eat
Eureka Grill
21st Amendment
Tres Hagaves
Caffe Sport
Zuni Cafe
Chez Panisse

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sounds like a busy fun time!

Or, I could just pass out in the gutter on Market street and choke on my own sick. That's a plan, too...

hmmm, dinner at Zuni, pass out in gutter...
so hard to choose.

Hot sex with human pups - pass out in gutter
again, hard to choose

Hot sex with human pups - dinner at Zuni...
no contest... Dinner at Zuni AND sex with human pups

if you think you're gonna eat at Chez Panisse before you move, start working on a reservation soon, they can take months.....and what about the French Laundry?

Ooh! A mysterious anonymous voice from beyond gives me travel advice! No, no, tell me the next lottery numbers! Is my grandmother OK in the afterworld? I miss her...

and yes, she's fine.

Beard Papa is overrated. I wouldn't go out of your way to have some.

As for Chez Panisse, do the upstairs cafe. It's almost the same menu as downstairs most nights, easier to get into and I find it much more relaxing and enjoyable. You will still need reservations though.

If you go to the Golden Gate Bridge, skip the tourist viewpoint on the northeast side, instead take the Alexander Ave exit, go under the freeway and back up the hill on the other side. There's a parking lot about halfway up the hill. Walk toward the bridge through a WWII bunker and get an amazing view without all the pesky tourists.

Also, I like the view of the GG Bridge from Fort Point. If you go when it's open the rangers are dressed in Civil War Union soldier regalia with boots and all.

Thanks! These are such great tips...

Chez is also in Berkeley.

Zuni's not far from your usual hotel (around the corner from the Lone Star?) and they reserve about 30% of the restaurant for walk-ins. Easy to get a little table in the bar, also outside.

Delfina Pizzeria on 18th is a scene. Delfina Restaurant (next door) can be hard to get into. Unless, of course, you go with me. LOL.

I'm having breakfast at Primavera at the Ferry Plaza Market at about 9AM on Saturday. I dare you.

I'll be there at 9 am! I'll be wearing a grey t-shirt, black shorts, and a dirty red baseball cap. My cell phone is 303-594-9220

(Deleted comment)
Oh Harley. You can always call me! Do you want to have some hot phone sex?

GREAT idea!

I love the view of the city from the Headlands across the bridge. If you are up for the walk across the bridge you will not need a car, if you can find someone with a car, or if you are bringing, renting, borrowing, there is nothing like the drive across and over to the headlands and the old military bunkers up there.

one of my favorite places to eat is Firefly - in Noe Valley. Beautiful, ethereal, imaginative and friendly. A great place to get away from the "scene" and just be.

Enjoy your trip. Your life looks so busy. Joe and I are headed to California for 10 days in July, I forget where you said you will be, but it was not near us.

Enjoy your trip - I wish I could be you for just part of it, it looks awesome.

Oh, one silly thing that I always love is walking down Lyon Street from Pacific heights to the marina... it turns into steps that seem to go right through the private gardens of some major mansions up in PH. it runs right along the edge of the presidio.

One night, at about 3 in the morning, a "friend" and I were looking for a place to be alone and we snuck under a fence and into the presidio from Lyon's steps, thought we found the perfect place and stumbled across a pair of high school boys getting busy...

They were so scared, and shy, and panic-ed... We talked them out of their panic, told them everything was ok, and walked away smiling to ourselves. I never did give that "friend" the bj I promised, but it still was an amazing moment.

next time ...knock on the door of yellow house at Vallejo
(up hill side) and see if Dianne F is back from her seante job

dinner on Folsom street

Go to The Fly Trap at around 200 block of Folsom. Incredible food. Near MOMA, I think.

Re: dinner on Folsom street

Sorry - it's at 2nd and Folsom... 600 block. I can't ever figure out SF addresses.

Sounds awesome. Congratulations on winning the contest for undies over at Bearotic.

Liked your tweet about all the plans, too. *GRIN*

Delfina and/or Zuni !!! Scratch Caffe Sport

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