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Packing My Trunk

I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend for Califur, a fun little furry convention in Irvine, California. Kind of a spur-of-the-moment trip, I caught a cheap airfare because I didn't want to do the 6+ hour road trip.

If anyone out there lives in LA and wants to get together, please let me know! I'd love to meet you. I can wear a giant pink elephant costume everywhere we go - or not. It's your option!

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"Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk
and said good-bye to the circus;
Off she went with a trumpety trump, trump trump trump!"

I will be singing this all day, and I blame you. Have a fun, safe trip!

"To Bombay a travelling circus came
They brought an intelligent elephant
and Nellie was her name

One dark night she slipped her iron chain,
and off she ran to Hindustan
and was never seen again

Oooooooooooooooooo... "

I can wear a giant pink elephant costume everywhere we go

Better get the automatic transmission on the rental car!

If he rents a manual at least he would stand out in LA.

To rent a car with a manual transmission requires finding a specialty rental office these days. I have yet to see any of the mainstream car rental places - Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, etc. - carry ANY manual transmission cars. There's one Budget office in Hollywood that specializes in "exotic" cars, but that's an exception.

As someone who thinks people should be required to pass their driving test in a car with a manual transmission, I find this obscene, but there it is.

I think you'd die in the heat.

But it would be a dry dying heat.

I actually got into the furry thing through a guy named "Pouchhopper" who died last year. His kink was to construct these huge padded suits that lock shut in various ways. He'd put boys in them wearing heavy bondage (gags, fistmitts, nippleclamps, butt plugs, remote electro) and then make them walk/crawl/hop around. From the outside, they looked like a laughing happy stuffed animal. But from the inside, you could barely hear faint whimpering and crying. Ahhhh... delicious!

So yeah... the idea of being in a fursuit in 100 degree sun turns me on. As well as itching powder being put in the suit before locking it, live ants, shaving cream, or sharp pokey objects like dry rice. I know, I know, it's kind of sick and twisted, but I like it!


I know, I have read the entries.

But people can still die from heat exhaustion before dying from live ants.

Yeah, you have to eat a *lot* of bugs in order to get the necessary hydration...

Edited at 2009-06-05 12:30 am (UTC)

It would be nice to see you, but sunday I'll be at the annual car/bike show and swapmeet hosted by the Hells Angels SFV. ;)

Besides, Glendale isn't exactly a stroll around the corner from Irvine... though it is near some of the best bars. ;)

I hope I get to meet you when I come to the States in Sep / Oct! :-)

You could meet me at the airport in your pink elephant costume!!! LOL

Would you mind setting my conscience at rest?

When I first got online, I was poking around, and discovered fur suiting. I thought it was about costume construction, sports mascots, and never found out about the kinky parts, 'til much later.

At the time, I came across somebody's How-To page, and amongst the suggestions was: using a particular antibacterial hospital spray to clean costumes.

It is a dangerous practice, to use that stuff where it can be breathed in concentration. It was formulated for use non-porous surfaces, not on fabric.

In wardrobe work, we use a much safer, cheaper product to kill bacteria between shows: vodka! The cheapest, bottom-shelf stuff you can find. It gets applied with an ordinary spritz bottle, and won't blind or cause nerve-damage, if it gets inhaled, accidently. (Inhaling on purpose is huffing, and that's another matter)

One must remember NOT to travel with it in the cab of the car! (It's an open container! ) Keep it in the trunk (get it? trunk!)!

Anyway, I have been trying to get that message out to the furring community, and I'd appreciate your mentioning it, if you would! Thanks!

I'm shocked that nobody has joked about the fur flying...

Badda BING!

Have fun (as if I had to tell you that.)

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