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Packing My Trunk

I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend for Califur, a fun little furry convention in Irvine, California. Kind of a spur-of-the-moment trip, I caught a cheap airfare because I didn't want to do the 6+ hour road trip.

If anyone out there lives in LA and wants to get together, please let me know! I'd love to meet you. I can wear a giant pink elephant costume everywhere we go - or not. It's your option!

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Would you mind setting my conscience at rest?

When I first got online, I was poking around, and discovered fur suiting. I thought it was about costume construction, sports mascots, and never found out about the kinky parts, 'til much later.

At the time, I came across somebody's How-To page, and amongst the suggestions was: using a particular antibacterial hospital spray to clean costumes.

It is a dangerous practice, to use that stuff where it can be breathed in concentration. It was formulated for use non-porous surfaces, not on fabric.

In wardrobe work, we use a much safer, cheaper product to kill bacteria between shows: vodka! The cheapest, bottom-shelf stuff you can find. It gets applied with an ordinary spritz bottle, and won't blind or cause nerve-damage, if it gets inhaled, accidently. (Inhaling on purpose is huffing, and that's another matter)

One must remember NOT to travel with it in the cab of the car! (It's an open container! ) Keep it in the trunk (get it? trunk!)!

Anyway, I have been trying to get that message out to the furring community, and I'd appreciate your mentioning it, if you would! Thanks!

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