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Leather and Showtunes!

Nice voice! Love that song.

Thanks! Yeah, "Also" has often been complimented on his lovely singing voice. It makes him popular at parties. Plus the fact he's into fisting and never wears pants.

Did anyone tell you that you have a beautiful singing voice?

Nice to get a glimpse of mudcub live!

You know... it's never too late to be a castrato!

The softer side of Patrick

Everyone knows that Patrick is built tough, he can take a beating day after day, year after year and still look like new.

You can take him out and put him to the hardest test in the mud without a care , but do you know about the Softer Side of Patrick?

(apologies to Sears, and Patrick)

Re: The softer side of Patrick

Sears has a few other slogans that might work:

Sears. Where Else?
Mudcub. Who Else?

Shop at Sears and Save.
Pour Slop on Mudcub he's a slave.

The Good Life at a Great Price. Guaranteed.
A Good Wife at a Great Price. Guaranteed, or We'll Beat Him.

Muppets and kink, now where did I hear about that recently??

And you didn't reply to my LJ email yet? Bad cub!!! :-)

Re: Muppets and kink, now where did I hear about that recently??

Oh! I must have missed that. I sent you an email about singing this song at camp. I said:

I'll be at Summer Camp this year. And I'll bring my muppet, too! I can sing and dance and act... or at least I can look funny *trying*

And you said:

grin - I'll keep that in mind :) I'm not sure what I'm doing at this point. Work has me traveling the world again, arranging anything is proving difficult

But then I didn't hear anything more.

Edited at 2009-06-12 02:57 pm (UTC)

Now there's a side of Patrick I never knew existed. Playing the piano was something I always wanted to learn. Nice voice, good job.

Thanks. Playing showtunes on the piano is the gayest thing I know how to do. Well, that and sucking cock.

(Deleted comment)
I was going for Fozzie. But I had a frog in my throat.

(Deleted comment)
Very nice, always fun to see the other side of someone, even if it's the 180 opposite of what we'd expect. :-)

Nice voice.

180 degrees? Next time, I'll sing facing the other way, with my back to the camera!

I've always loved that song! Thanks for the smile! Very impressive. :-)

Isn't it a great song? The chorus that keeps rising until the last two notes. The wonderful bridge to a full-step key change. And the lyrics? They're kind of bitter:


Who said that every wish should be every wish
Should be heard and answered when wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that, and someone believed it
Look what it's done so far...

What's so amazing that keeps us stargazing?
What do we think we might see?


Thats pretty harsh. Translation: rainbows are a suckers game that some con artist came up with as a lie. But still we keep looking! And then the next line chages the entire meaning:


Soemday we'll find it. The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and meeeeeee....


So there's the still hope, right? Even though rainbows don't do shit, still every one of us believes that love *DOES* exist, that we are worthy of being loved in return, that our hearts are capable of going on, even thoughe we know mentally that the signs and symbol of love and all the Valentaine's Day bullshit is made up in order to sell us crap. And yet, we keep trying, and there is something universal and beautiful about that willing stupiding, that intentional blindness to the horrible track record of our prvious failures and relationships.

At least that's what the song means to me!

WOW!!! I am THOROUGHLY impressed! You have a fantastic voice, and you flooded my mind with all types of childhood memories. INCREDIBLE!!!

You totally made my day!!!!!!


Nice to get a post from you on a non-kinky subject...

Oh c'mon... not all of my LJ posts are about sex. In fact, I had a whole blog that was non-sexual (patrickkellogg.livejournal.com) where I talked about politics, gay marriage, and computers. But this one because way more popular, 'cause gay men like to read about sex. I'm just giving my audience what they want and deserve!

:::clapping and cheering:::

Thank you for the standing ovulation! {grin}

That was awesome, Patrick.

:: applauds :: Great job. ^o^

Aw shucks! I sang that song for a special certain Someone in my life...