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Is love alive?
Yesterday I was feeling really depressed. I came home to find the remnants of popped balloon in the front yard. Upon closer inspection, it had something attached to it: like a message in a bottle, someone had tied a note to the balloon and sent it adrift. The note had been through a lot of wear, but what it said was still mostly legible.





This is my wintersong to you
The storm is coming soon
(...) from the (sea?)
(...) a beacon in the night
Always will be (your) light
To carry you to me
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?

for happnes peace and
to become someone who
is strong and loves (...)
and lives every (day to)
the fullest

I wish we'd be friends

- Daniel


Also on the lawn

Do you think someone is trying to tell me something?

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I wish we'd be friends

If you don't know, there is a whole fanclub devoted to objects found in public. Check out Found Magazine at:


Also available in nifty blog format... feel free to add this to your LiveJournal feed:


It's not important that someone might be trying to tell you something so much as whether or not you're going to take something from these events and draw strength/direction/motivation/??? and do something...new?

I celebrate your innocence, man. You make me smile, just by being your own damn self. :o) [[snuggs & tummy-rubs]]

awww >HUGS<
sorry i can't think of more to say on the first part
and the second part just makes me laugh

The music is curious...

Oh, THERE it is!!!!!

Honestly.....you let go of a balloon for ONE SECOND..!!!!..!!!!!...

Luckily you got your answer very quickly. GRIN

Crisis of the heart averted!

I dunno about quickly...... I lost it in, '73!

I feel depressed now. and find your post. Seems for me Love is lost. The more i want it the more it run away from me.

Hope that for you love is alive.

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