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Bad idea
Black eye

I had sex with twice as many people at SmokeOut as I did at Mid Atlantic Leather. So, that would make two people. My partner and a friend of ours from Denver. So, I continue the tradition of flying 1000 miles to have sex with people that are too busy to fucking call me up in my own hometown.

SmokeOut was the best leather/bear event I have ever been to: the hottest, kinkiest guys I have ever met. And friendly too, with lots of offers to hook up and do nasty things. So, it was a shame that my partner and I had a fight and I wasn’t able to have sex with anybody else. It was like being in a candy store if you were a diabetic. Lots of desire, but no ability.

We stayed in our hotel room most of Sunday drinking and sleeping. NOT a fun weekend. I totally fucking give up. I’ve tried talking to my boyfriend, suggesting ways we can open up our relationship, but he still threatens to leave me if we’re not monogamous. What can I say? I love the guy. So, I’m planning on putting my penis away for a while, becoming celibate, and see if that works instead. Drama...

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Sorry to hear about this frustration.

Nice meeting you though!

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Glad to help out: "Mudcub... bringing people together for the last 37 years..."

Three-ways are hard to put together with a cranky person who's not into it. Tends to spoil the mood.

So are you developing a fetish for Chastity belts?

The women who wore those weren't a Chaste as their husbands thought.
That's because they were friends with the locksmith.

Hugs from the frustrated. Check eBay for milking machines.

I wouldn't mind being friends with a blacksmith. I was disappointed I didn't meet bentwright last weekened.

I'm sorry to hear about the bust in Vegas.
Is your Master/Daddy looking for more boys..... I now sevearl "families" and they seem to do quite well.

well you and my hubby need to talk .. huh we all just need to meet :) .. i mean REALLY ... shesh ... we will be down that way this weekend.. and bring on the cuffs :-)

Nah, I've decided to never have sex again for the rest of my life. Have a good weekend, though...

no sex doesn't mean no getting off! *G*
Hope you work it out bud...and with holding from the hubby might be a path of destruction...communicate! Talking is the only way to keep the relationship...and be sure to express how much you love him, and he's the one you love and the rest is just fun and exercise!
That's what we did after a year of monogamy.

Celibates are HOT. *wry grin* I hope you and your bf work it out somehow. I've just been reading Dan Savage's book "The Commitment" and in it he talks about the "understanding" that he and his hubby have, and also the "understanding" that his brother and his brother's (female) partner have. He has interesting stuff to say about monogamy-- not all of it bad, but often thoughtful.

Peace, handsome!

My partner and I were closed originally. That last about... four months.

We had a run coming up and we knew that we would both want to play, so the requirement became that the other person had to be there. So of course, the first playtime came with someone that I consider a good friend and it was... awkward. Granted, I would've loved to have done more, he wasn't so interested and that's fine.

But after that, yeah, we burned that "together" clause really quickly.

It's now been 9 years since then and we are still open.

But then again, we're not doing the best as a couple of late, so take it with a grain of salt. :(

Communication + couples counseling if necessary. You both deserve to be happy. I've been with my partner 12 years and some days are easier than others.

By the way, the dog in the photo is NOT my partner! Man, I gotta upload some more userpics!

y'know, whenever someone issues an ultimatum, i immediately and without fail do the thing. ultimatums are controlling behavior, and they are not to be indulged in the least bit. that's the only way to get rid of the drama.

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