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Review of Chocolatier Blue

I was lost in Berkeley, California, took a wrong turn, and (literally) stumbled across this chocolate shop. What a find! I know I've raved about chocolate before on my blog, but this place is really worth seeking out.

Chocolatier Blue
64 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94701
A Mapquest map of the store's location
And check out the photos someone else posted



I didn't try the "orange Julius", since I'm not a fan of fruit mixed with chocolate. Plus, I ate too many Dreamsicles as a kid. But it *is* a beautiful presentation, assymetrical pyramids of white-flecked orange chocolate. The "caramel apple" also looked pretty - a green heart spattered with gold - but i wasn't in the mood.

However, I loved the "oreos in milk". In someone else's hands, these chocolates could be novelty items; things given to friends as a prank. That's my problem with the "olive oil" and "thai curry" flavors of ice cream at Humphry Slocombe. It might be fun to try giggle about... "aren't we brave for eating these cow eyeballs?" But it's nothing I'd go back to the store for.

Instead, all the chocolates at Chocolatier Blue taste like they are supposed to. The "ants on a log" actually has a hint of celery seed, making the illusion complete. I really felt like a kid again, opening my brown bag lunch to see what my mom packed for me. Next, I ate a "peanut butter and jelly" truffle that tasted like the real thing, minus the bread. I'm not sure I could eat many of those two childhood memories, but they tasted great as an afternoon snack.

I loved looking at some of the truffles... many of them looked like works of art that shouldn't be eaten. The "darjeeling tea" was like a shiny green sculpture. When I ate half of it and tasted the suble tea and milk tastes, I felt kind of bad - like I had destroyed something beautiful! But that didn't stop me from scarfing down the next two caramels in a row. The regular "caramel" was an excellent version of fleur de sel candy, while I am still undecided by the "passion fruit caramel". While it skillfully balanced the flavors of sweet caramel and tart passion fruit, the thing kind of exploded in my mouth like one of those sticks of "Freshen Up" gum I used to love as a kid, but now sounds awful. Ick...

Other chocolates were fantastic: the "pine nut" made me wonder why more chocolate shops don't try to use piñon nuts. The "hazelnut" was great... just like it should be. But it was the "pistachio" truffle that blew me away. Instead of creating a boring treat with crushed pistachios on top, Chocolatier Blue blended a bunch of nuts into the equivalent of peanut butter. A Reeses's cup of pistachios, and the thing was incredible. Again, I wonder why more chefs don't think of things like that.

In short, this shop is worth traveling to for any San Francisco foody out there. Not is gives me a reason to walk up to University Avenue. Usually, I just stick around the stores on Telegraph Avenue like Amoeba Records and Rasputin Music. But now I'll walk north for some excellent chocolate (and some great boardgame shops!) Berkeley, I love you.

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