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Patrick Kellogg's 40th Birthday Party in Denver, Colorado

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that I'm hosting a birthday party tomorrow (this Friday, July 10):

Time: 8pm to 11pm
Location: The Denver Eagle
1475 36th St
Denver, CO
My cell phone: 303-594-9220

It's ostensibly part of the Denver SmokeFest 2009 activites this week - I always wanted to host a party about smokeless tobacco for all the guys who haven't tried it, and for the cowboys who love it. But you don't have to dip to come to the party. There will be birthday cake and drinks and cigars and conversation in a fun non-smoking bar, too!

I never got the chance to say goodbye to a lot of my Denver friends before I moved away from Colorado last October. So, I'm hoping so friendly faces old (and new!) show up, so I can tell you in person that I love you and miss you and hope the "Queen City of the Plains" is treating you right.

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Your timing sucks! I get to Denver on Wednesday!

dip, GAAH

Well, there's no accounting for taste. ;-)

I might bring a cigar (or two) along, though! Have you developed a taste for them? If so, what have you liked so far?

How long will you be in town, Patrick? I'm not sure I can make it to this, but maybe I'll get to see you at the Wrangler. Happy Birthday, regardless.

O, the gross memories from TX if it is.

Happy Birthday. Hope you don't wear too much cake.


Happy Muddy Birthday Patrick!!!

Hawt Damn this would've been a lot of fun.

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