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Go East Old Man
My orders came through, and I have a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) to Fort Belvoir in Virginia. So, I'll be moving to Washington D.C. as of October 1, 2009.

I'm happy about the transfer. First of all, for the last five years, I've been working for the military out of exterior locations in Denver and San Jose, and it's a little frustrating not being at the "home base". Too often, the Pentagon treats us like inferior offices. So, it will be exciting to be where the big decisions take place. If I get a possible prestigious new position that's being created, it will be highly visible and extremely good for my career.

But more importantly, I will be closer to Master Thor who is in New York City. I'm hoping I can come to serve Him one or two weekends a month as His slave. At the very least, W/we will be in the same time zone! San Francisco has been good to me, but I've been here a year, and never really fit in. I think the move will be "transforming" as I try to start a mature new relationship. Wish me luck!

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Very true - that was a big part of the problem. But you gotta go where the work is, right?

Move to the Bay Area, meet man in NYC. You're getting closer.

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