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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Here is a photo of me when I was ten and eight years old, respectively. Man, I had hair back then. I had Ted Koppel's hair. It looked like there was a squirrel on my head. One of my lowest moments in junior high was when my favorite teacher made fun of my hair. I cut it into a mullet the next week, and it wasn't an improvement.


I wanted Sting's hair. I loved The Police, and wanted my hair to be long, straight, blond, and spikey. Hey, it was the eighties. So, now that my hair is almost completely gone, I serves me right. I bitched about my lack of style for so long that my hair got mad at me and left. We don't appreciate what we've got until it's gone. But at least I save a lot of money on "product" now.

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Your hair at 5 was just like Bobby Sherman's
Do ya have a pic of your mullet?

When I was in JR High, I wanted Kevin Kubusheskie hair. When I was in HS, I desperately wanted Adam Curry hair. I can totally dig wanting Sting hair.

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