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Help Wanted

Shoot... I was hoping to move to the east coast to be "New York's Openly Bisexual Ass", but the position is evidently already taken.

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Relax. You're way hotter'n him.

Perhaps there is a similar position available in DC.

`Maybe strive to be "New York's Openest Bisexual Ass" instead?

On that subject, did you find my wristwatch?

HAHAHAHAHA! Man, I needed that.

PS, MudCub: "bisexual"?!?

Yup. I love kinky women, so I quietly consider myself bisexual. A friend once said, "Evidently Mudcub will eat *anything*!" {grin}

Well, I think kinky men are great too, and while I have experimented a little (but in oddly patchy & incomplete ways), I don't fantasize about men, so I don't consider myself bi.

I labeled myself as bi when I was younger and more adventurous, and perhaps wasn't entirely sure, but after a while I realized that while I could imagine some fairly hot scenes involving men and my fetishes, that wasn't what I yearned for.

IIRC, the Kinseys used something like "how often do you fantasize about this gender or that gender" for their famous scale of sexual preference. It seems quite reasonable to me. I also liked the fact that they used a scale rather than a binary choice.

Like gender, I do think preference is a spectrum, or continuum, although most people seem to group themselves toward one end or the other.

you two know each other? is there ANYONE you don't know, G?

and BA HA HA HA HA @ thornyc

You were unaware of this how?
Yeah, not sure how we met, now though!
I think perhaps it was through Tim S's LJ.

Bi? Open? These aren't as important as a talented ass.

Honestly, market fragmentation has gone too far. Where, then, are the blogs for yesterday's bisexuals, and tomorrow's bisexuals?

The best thing about being an "Openly Bisexual Ass", if you are in the Democratic Party, is that you get the appropriate logo...FREE!!

I did not know you were One of Us. I ran a bi support group at the Gay & Lesbian center in Denver back in the 90s. Getting them to add Bi at the time was a HUGE fight and they wouldn't even consider Trans back then: "fuck them, they've got the GIC" was the rationale behind that one.

I'd been booed so many times for marching in Pride parades with my group and the treatment we got at the Center back then was so bad, members of my group were not physically safe (there was a stalker the Center refused to ban), and we had to leave the Center to keep people safe.

So when people who are largely perceived as gay apply the 'b' word to themselves, I get all weepy and deeply touched and stuff. It's not easy. I don't spend much time with Orthodox Queers these days as a direct result of all the biphobia I dealt with at the Center back then and from other monosexual queers and I miss being a queer activist. It just got too nasty and personal and unpleasant. Thanks for using the 'B' word.

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