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Want to play with me?

Due to recent drama, my World of Warcraft guild on the Lightbringer server has disbanded. Sigh. We were a fun group, the "Baby Seal Club Clubbing Club".

Do you play World of Warcraft? Want me to help you do quests or fight with your guild? Are you gay, or gay-friendly? Want to chat about kinky bear and leather things while we kill monsters?

Please let me know 1) what server you are on, 2) aliiance or horde, and 3) what your character's name is.

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Jeddite, 62 Fruit Elf Furry, Deathwing

Taco Punisher of

Well, that's where I'm at now. After dealing with 3 guild disbandings since May 2006 - the first of which was my top-server guild of 10 months - I became exasperated with the prevailing notion of all-too-many Horde guilds of "we cant kill a boss in PVE - time to disband and transfer servers" so I eBayed my precious cow-cow Hunter of 2 years in November for $900.

Of course, when a leading forum troll and BHotS unexpectedly quits the game, people take notice. And then people begged me to come back. Eventually I caved (Feb 23, 2007) and decided that while I wasnt making another Horde character, I didnt want to leave Deathing and I have more than a few friends on Alliance, so I rerolled an Alliance character and am now totally gay.

Um... to answer your question, this is a clownguild of forum trolls, Horde rerollers and alliance fags I've interacted with over the course of two years. Nothing happens, but we do enjoy talking about cocks and making ethnic slurs, tormenting the EIGHT HUNDRED POUND PALADIN on our server, and generally acting like a bunch of cocks. I'll probably be guilded only until I get to 70 and get my druidgrrl keyed out to all the instances, then I'll throw up an application with some of the more "serious" raiding guilds.

See? You dont have to talk nonstop about gay sex (not that I'd ever discourage you), you can always talk about muscleorcs and WoW.

The amazing thing is, I only understood half of what you said!

>Taco Punisher of

I didn’t get that part…

>After dealing with 3 guild disbandings since May 2006…

Nice to know I’m not the only one! I had never expected that to happen. I guess Blizzard lets you transfer characters to other servers. This must be one of the reasons why.

>"we cant kill a boss in PVE - time to disband and transfer servers"

Really? Why are bosses harder on PvE than PvP? Personally, the ganking on PvP servers is bugging me a little bit when I’m trying to accomplish a quest…

>I rerolled an Alliance character and am now totally gay.

So, your guild has both Alliance *and* Horde members?

> clownguild… forum trolls… EIGHT HUNDRED POUND PALADIN… druidgrrl… keyed out… throw up an application…

Man, I am confused. But it sounds fun! I’ll have to hit Deathwing sometime (with an Alliance character, right?) and say “hi”.

Horde on medivh: "dyspare" blood elf pally ret spec'd.

Alliance on Garona: "skyforge" draenei hunter.

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