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Pie guy
Here's what I did last night. It was a lot more fun than sitting at home and watching "Lost" on the Tivo.

Mudcub Chocolate Cream Pied 04

Mudcub Chocolate Cream Pied 06

Mudcub Chocolate Cream Pied 09

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Smells better than Cowpiecub!

I hope you took one to the crotch, too!

You're damned right it's more fun that watching "Lost" on Tivo. Yummy!

What flavor of pie? YUM! Who had the fun opportunity to *lick it off*?

(Deleted comment)
How was the white stuff(whip creme)? :P

I was thinking the same..and wishing it was me (G).

2nd pix = nice.
3rd pix = SAW, the movie ;-0)

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