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A Fisher For Men

Above is an old joke. But how can you amuse a Mudcub? Here's how: reject him. Ignore his emails, refuse his advances to get together. The more you ignore him, the more he wants to date you.

Case in point: there are three guys in the bay area that I obsess over. I think about them every few days, wonder if I should send them an email. How are they doing? Do they want to meet up sometime? Those are the guys who turned me down weeks before, but I still hold out a hope they'll change their minds.

Contrarily, there are a handful of really nice guys I've never met in person in the bay area, but they send me nice Twitters and Facebook messages and Bear411 chats every now and then and tell me I'm hot. They genuinely seems to want to know how I'm doing, and they ask interesting insightful questions about my LiveJournal posts. And I have no interest at all in lunch or dinner with them, much less getting laid.

What's the matter with me? I dunno... maybe it's masochism. Perhaps I've confused emotional sadism with the physical kind. It's hard to be a "failure", and I keep wishing for a second chance so it won't seem like a personal judgement. Maybe I enjoy the power inequality where I want to fuck them and they look down on me as dirt. Maybe it's the thrill of the chase, since I have a feeling that if we ever had sex, in would probably be disappointing compared to the fantasy I've worked up in my mind.

Probably a combination of all of the above, and it's not very healthy, I know, I know, I know. But the ones that get away are so much bigger than the ones who say "yes", right?
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