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Science Fiction, Double Feature
Boot worship
See androids fighting Brad and Janet!

Here are two movies I watched last night. The contest is to see if you can guess how they are related. Make your guess in the comments!

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(Deleted comment)
that would be my guess as well

Ah! It was too easy. They are both post-apocalyptic dystopi as well.

No, I think you are a dysto-papi!

Maybe I could have an all-cannibalism movie party, and serve little sausages. I could rent Eating Raoul, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Cook The Thief The Wife And Her Lover, and Delicatessen (my all-time favorite).

that's a tender subject... anyone for more?

Lest we forget...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Cannibal! The Musical
(by Trey Parker & Matt Stone!)
Silence of the Lambs 1 & 2
(He was LICKING ME!!!!!)
Suddenly, Last Summer

Re: that's a tender subject... anyone for more?

There's also "Eating Raoul", "The Corpsegrinders", "Motel Hell" and "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover".

Re: that's a tender subject... anyone for more?

Delicatessen is one of my favorites. Damn troglodytes.

Let's leave out all the movies where hillbillies turn unsuspecting visitors into sausage.

Re: that's a tender subject... anyone for more?

God bless the innerwebs!


I actually found this while googling "cannibal pot," remembering the extremely popular cartoon trope, now considered imperialist and racist.

Re: that's a tender subject... anyone for more?

Cannibal pot? Now I'm thinking of that awful movie Johnson made with Tippi Hedren.

Yes Sir! Everyone needs more telepathic dogs. Particularly Disney films.

For those out there keeping score... the two movies I saw last night are "Soylent Green" (Charlton Heston prying his cold dead fingers from a snack cracker) and "A Boy And His Dog" (Miami Vice in a bizarre sexist Mad-Marx world).

Note: I'm still trying to track down "Cherry 2000" and "She" (the 1982 version)

I thought he was saying, "Soylent Green is purple!" Which doesn't make sense, because it's green.

Perhaps you should have thrown in "Sweeney Todd" --> that would have thrown many people off-scent.

You should check out the books that the movies are adapted from. "A Boy and his Dog" is a Harlan Ellison short story from 1969. "Make Room! Make Room!" is Harry Harrison novel that was the basis for "Soylent Green". They changed the movie name to "Soylent Green" because of the possible confusion with the TV show "Make Room for Daddy". The originals are far superior to their movie adaptions.

Soilent Green

Boy And His Dog.

You got it! I had never seen either of those movies, and I thought it was weird that I rented both of them at the same time, and didn't think about the connection

and the odd part is that the link reminded me of that old Outer Limits episode with the book entitled "To Serve Man" - fitting for a slave, or just a twisted, convoluted link?

"It's a cookbook!"


My favorite version was the Simpson "Treehouse of Horror" parody where the meaning changed as more and more of the book's title was revealed:

“How to Cook Humans”
“How to Cook For Humans”
“How to Cook Forty Humans”
“How to Cook For Forty Humans”

soylent green boy eats his dog

rocky horror
and shock treatment
one the sequeal to the other

Also, both movies feature men who eschew female companionship.

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