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Gay Marriage Part 1

Hello all. I thought it would be fun to look at the "state of the civil unions". Here is a list of all the places in the United States and the larger world that support some form of gay marriage. This list is accurate to December 2006, and omits a lot of contention and actions in progress. But I hope you find it interesting. 

United States

Full gay marriage
Massachusetts (since 2004)

Civil unions fully equivalent to marriage
Vermont (2000)
Connecticut (2005)
New Jersey (to be implemented by April 23, 2007)

Civil unions partially equivalent to marriage
New York (1997) (only for New York City)
Hawaii (1997)
Washington, D.C. (2002)
Maine (2004)
California (2005)
Alaska (2006) (rights to partners of state employees, currently disputed)


Full gay marriage
The Netherlands (since 2001)
Belgium (2003)
Spain (2005)
Canada (2005)
South Africa (2006)
Israel (2006) (only for marriages performed in other countries)

Civil unions fully equivalent to marriage
Denmark (since 1989)
Norway (1993)
Sweden (1995)
Iceland (1996)
Finland (2002)

Civil unions partially equivalent to marriage
Hungary (1996)
Greenland (1996)
France (1999) (a civil contract called the Pacs, which gives some rights but not tax rights, inheritance and adoption)
Germany (2001) ("life partnership" only gives same inheritance and tenants' rights as heterosexual married couples)
Portugal (2001)
Croatia (2003)
Argentina (2003) (excluding adoption and inheritance rights)
Luxembourg (2004) (modeled after France)
New Zealand (2005)
United Kingdom (2005) (some rights in pensions, property, social security, and housing)
Andorra (2005)
Switzerland (2005)
Brazil (2005)
The Czech Republic (2006)
Slovenia (2006)
Mexico (2006) (just for Mexico City)
Uruguay (2006)
Australia (one small region)
Italy (10 regions)

Other of note
Taiwan (in 2007) 


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