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I'm a Dummy for Dunny
The kid was a huge Mori Chack fan. But when two of the three blind-boxes he bought were dupes, I gave him a gloomy bear for free. The kid explained the exegesis of the bear, and how he keeps repeatedly killing his owner and friend named Pity, bit I didn't quite get it and then the kid walked away. The very next box I opened was a SupaKitch chase. I have a hard time believing that urban vinyl karma was not in play. Note: I still need the Thomas Han, as as the other chases, if anyone wants to trade.

(photo by the talented Francis Ramos, aka Metatron1050)

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a link:

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I love those little guys. I haven't seen this series!

I have some but I kept buying the same damn ones. I hate blind box stuff.

Ah Gloomy! my friend got me a black one with yellow eyes on her last stint in Japan.

Gloomy Bear is like goth Pokemon. Or Gir. Don't get suckered in- He seems so very fun, and then you realize it relies on the same gimmick and that every 12 y/o girl with black fingernails has him on her backpack.

I ♥ second (and third) childhoods!

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