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Sideways bear

It was a strange coincidence, very San Francisco... I was drinking at the 440 in the Castro with some bears. I remarked about the art in the club, and how a friend of mine bought one of the paintings - a picture of a robot painted onto the glass of an old window. He reminded me that I'm leaving California in a few weeks, and if I wanted a piece, I'd have to move fast. Good point.

I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air, and there was a guy there . It was the artist Pete Doolittle. He was swapping out a new painting for one of them that was unsold. I saw the old painting - the feral bear - and offered to buy the piece on the spot. Pete liked the idea... that way he wouldn't have to bring it back home. I hit an ATM, and five minutes later, I am the proud owner of some art for my new house in Alexandria, Virginia.

I love the art, and it will remind me of my amazing year in San Francisco. I think the bear looks like me: a black eye from rugby, and the broken hand that was in a cast for three months this winter. A scruffy beard from my attempt to grow out my goatee and a magnet in the other hand. I like to think it's the obligitory iPod every Bay Area bear is required to own. A trendy t-shirt in homosexual pink. Underwear just like those I wore in the Pride Day parade. And a fedora, just because Justin Timberlake wore them for a while.

The artist says he was inspired by watching old cartoons on cable recently, where whales can be yellow and dogs can be purple. So, he made a green bear. But I like to think it's a representation of who I was and who I became this year.


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You know before you even explained the picture, I thought:'That looks just like mudcub in a strange, twisted way'. Lo and behold...

Happy moving-in!

I thought the same thing.

I was sure this post was going to be about Patrick (Mudcub) doing some self actualization workshop where he had to create a cartoon image of himself.

I think that the picture is a perfect representation of the IDEA of Mudcub.

Wow - I guess we ALL thought the same. My first guess was this was someone who painted you as he sees your totem animal!

That's a very interesting painting and yeah, I'd say it represents you in many ways.

Good luck with your move to the East Coast.

If you decide to make T-Shirts, you would make a fortune!!!!! Good luck on your move!!!


sounds like you were in the right place at the right time.


that picture was frikkin' custom made for you!!!!


Have you pinned down your moving date? Between your relocation to the east coast and mine to the west, looks like we may experience a very near miss.

Ah very nice indeed! Glad the timing worked out that Pete was there and you found a painting you like.
Good seeing you last night, even if it was a serious bitch to hear you in that loud bar.


I love your painting. Sorry I gave you that DVD 1) after 9 months and 2) in a crowded bar when you had no pockets

No worries, we ended up watching it on Saturday.

Even before I read the text, I thought the picture was supposed to be you. Good choice.

That's like the Mudcub Portrait of Dorian Gray!

Just wait till you see how much abuse the picture will take as mudcub remains fresh over all these years ;o)

Safe travels; good purchase!

That is actually a great piece, and although I'm not heavily in to art, I really like it - and it's the sort of unusual piece I'd love to have in my own home. One day, when I own my own home, that is... *sigh*


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