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I'm a Whizz-Hard

Last month, I visited Lucky Ju Ju Pinball in Oakland. You can play all the pinball you want for only $10. I recommend getting there early on a Sunday for the fewest crowds... sometimes people "camp" on the newer machines and won't let you in.

The free-play also temps me to start a game and only play one or two balls before moving ADHD-like to the next flashing machine. The museum is expanding to the office next door, so I'm hoping they will have a lot more room in the future for the other pinball machines in their collection. But it's still a really fun time!

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X_Bumper X_Plunger 1_Play

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Oh, I love that one! I once spent ten dollars just so I could reach the final level of the game.

I used to be a pretty mean pinball player in college (I was addicted to it). I played some at the River a few weeks ago, and did not do too badly, for not playing for such a long time (I miss it)

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You gotta love the little transparent tube you could shoot the ball into (and then over the playing field!) The Xenon lady was far hotter than the Pinbot girl, in my bisexual opinion.

i spent my entire lunch money from 9th grade - 11th grade on afterschool pinball games at the Circle K in El Paso.

I have always wanted to go there. I didn't know they had the $10 deal. Next time I'm in the Bay Area I'm going. I freaking love pinball.

Cool! Reminds me a little of the Museum Mechanique in SF.

There's going to be a Pinball Exposition in Marin in early October.


and of course there's the annual California Extreme that features pinball and arcade games

There's a pinball store 15 miles from your new home:


There's a pinball league in the greater Baltimore/DC area (with some events in VA!), but no stellar arcades in the area, I'm afraid.


W/we are going to have a lot of fun! (In more ways than two...)

Holy crap, that looks *amazing*. I've always loved pinball. I suspect what I love most about it is, no matter how evolved video game controls get, pinball will always involve a metal ball and flippers.

Also, I love that most bars have at least one pinball machine, so if I'm feeling shy and nervous and alone, I can always hide with my head buried in it and instantly feel better.

Must go... must have fun... must go... must have fun... must go...must have fun... must go...must have fun... must go...must have fun... must go...must have fun... must go...must have fun... must go...

I would be there open to close if I lived near there!!!!! That was my passion when I was growing up, playing Pinball....


Holy crap.

Pinball heaven. I like it! I LIKE IT!

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(Deleted comment)
I love pin ball. I sued to have several buddies with whom I wold get together with them at the Lone Star.... it seems like a million years ago.

You are looking hotter than ever.

Everybody looks better when backlit by neon

I'd love to get some in for repair.

Something similar opened in Asbury. njbearcub1 and I want to go. He's been - bastard.

Now THAT looks like a whole lotta fun!

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