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NWS (Not Word Sane)

I apologize for blogging about sex so much. But here is my rationalization:

Imagine a room full of gay men (mmmm, men). What do we all have in common? Not politics: I am a Democrat, my partner Michael is a Republican, while my friend Mark is a Libertarian. Not any taste in fashion or music or art. I am a good example of a gay man without taste or style. One of the things I love about going to a gay bar is that I might sit between a homeless guy and millionaire, and nobody knows the difference. Gay guys can hold a wide range of jobs, with a variety of hobbies.

So, what do all gay men have in common? A: They like to have sex with other gay men. That’s it. We don’t share a common philosophy or cause. Attending gay pride meetings last year reminded me that the only thing gay men and lesbians have in common is a shared political persecution.

I like to write about gay sex in my blog. It’s the only thing every other gay men also has an interest in. Forget about telling you what I ate for breakfast – I know that you really want to see my penis.

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