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NWS (Not Word Sane)

I apologize for blogging about sex so much. But here is my rationalization:

Imagine a room full of gay men (mmmm, men). What do we all have in common? Not politics: I am a Democrat, my partner Michael is a Republican, while my friend Mark is a Libertarian. Not any taste in fashion or music or art. I am a good example of a gay man without taste or style. One of the things I love about going to a gay bar is that I might sit between a homeless guy and millionaire, and nobody knows the difference. Gay guys can hold a wide range of jobs, with a variety of hobbies.

So, what do all gay men have in common? A: They like to have sex with other gay men. That’s it. We don’t share a common philosophy or cause. Attending gay pride meetings last year reminded me that the only thing gay men and lesbians have in common is a shared political persecution.

I like to write about gay sex in my blog. It’s the only thing every other gay men also has an interest in. Forget about telling you what I ate for breakfast – I know that you really want to see my penis.

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"So, I like to write about gay sex in my blog. It’s the only thing other gay men really care about."

Its the only thing All Gay Men care about in common. But we are also alot more than just gay men. We are all men for instance, so there is definitely guy stuff we all share.

Some of us are latino, some of us are city folk, some of us are geeks, some of us are incredibly obsessed linguistic nerds and some of us like to talk about girl parts on the side. :)

It is true that there may not be a "gay" identity as the only commonality is the love of gay sex; but we are all more than just gay and in those other identities, much commonality resides.

I disagree. Yes, your point was made that we all have different interests, but that was *my* point. I'm not going to start talking about my love for vagina because it will turn off most of the guys here (and I *do* love the 'gina). See? Dozens of guys probably hit Alt-F4 right there.

We could talk about man stuff? Ok, what, for example? That we all have a penis? You won't get on consensus on typical masculine hobbies like an interest in sport or cars. And I hope you don't go all Robert Bly on me.

I stand by my point. We all have a dick and like other guy's dicks: that's all we have in common. You may be more than that, but that's the total intersection of our Venn diagrams.

*tries to uncross wires in a non-patronising way*
I think what paladincub is trying to say is that gay men care about a lot of different things, but you said that penis is the only thing other gay men really care about. This is not true, but it is arguable that it's the only thing that ties gay men collectively together.

So whilst you were saying that it's the only thing that links us to ALL gay men, it's not the only thing that gay men care about.

Dammit, I've gone and confused myself now. If someone understands what I'm saying then please tell me.

>you said that penis is the only thing other gay men really care about

Nope, those are not my words, and if that's the feeling you got, I apologize.

>it's not the only thing that gay men care about.

I never said it wuz. Though it would be a fun world if that were so...

Nope, although you did say that gay sex is the only thing other men really care about. Which does normally include penis (not always, but a lot of the time).

But it's been a tiring week, I may be reading a lot into things.

Oops - edited. I was sloppy on the last line. And you know how I don't like to get sloppy.

Well men stuff would be - we all live as men in our societies. We can wonder why we have to wear an undershirt and a dress shirt. We all have had relationships/interactions with other men, some frustrating, some elightening, but we all share some insight into it.

As for gay: We all identify as gay and have some coming out/coming to terms stories that we share. We've all seem to have spent some time wondering what kind of gay "family life" do we want in today's world. We all have to live as gay brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and that is a common experience with gay-identified folks.

I'm trying to imagine that if i bump into a random gay man or woman on the street and am force to find a tie between us, what would that be. And I don't see myself comparing sexual experiences right of that bat; there would be other commonalities to explore before we trade stories of the cock.

you don't really need a rationale ... write about it cause you like it, that's enough.

and if that ain't enough for ya then write abotu it because *I* like it :)

hey wassup with you? not a single penis shot in more than a week. did you get Jesus or somthin?

it certainly beats Whitman :)

Ooh, I'd like to beat Whitman. Especially with a paddle. You know he was a piggy bottom...

Did you catch lowfatmuffin's "DaddyWaltDenver" Bear411 profile a couple months back -- it was quite a hoot.

Like he ^^ says. Do it cause you enjoy it.

(And if you don't feel like writing--just show pictures!)

(Deleted comment)
>it's the only thing that you *know* that other gay men will care about.

Nope, I disagree. It's the only thing we all can agree about. I would be shocked if I found a topic so universally loved by gay men as the Wang.

(Deleted comment)

P E N I S P L E A S E ! ! !

SO, ah, where's the dick pic.

After all this there isn't a dick shot.

AND, I think you are right. The only thing ALL gay men have in common is where we like to stick our dicks.

All the rest is just being a human being, NOT being a fag. Gay Pride Day should be an orgy. NOT a lesbian family picnic. Which is what it is in San Francisco. Yawn!

My partner and I refer to pride as "getting out gay card stamped for another year."

Last year I didn't go at all. Watched it on TV. And I live 2 blocks from the festival.

Christ, don't make me go all Harry Hay on your ass.....

Mmmm, I like a harry ass.

Just don't go Helen Hayes on me...

I agree to some extent (and I admit likeing the muddy pics) but I also add and follow journals out of mutual interests, etc....

And personally I do enjoy reading about what people have for breakfast!

I am so glad someone finally said it!

It's exactly the way I feel and I am so happy to hear someone else put it into words as well!

Thanks mudcub!

Wrong. Some gay men want to see your butt!

*runs and hides*

OMG. Your partner's a republican?

Yeah, though he hasn't voted for one in twenty years. He was more the sixties southern republican who like Goldwater over LBJ.

Don't you ever, ever, ever apologize for posting about sex, or I might just have to beat the shit out of you. :-)

yes all i want is to see your penis,


there was supposed to be an LOL in there somewhere.

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