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Penultimate week
I'm only in San Francisco for one more week. Here is a list of things I didn't get a chance to do. Please feel free to comment if you think any of these are "can't miss" destinations I should see in my last nine days in The City:

1. See Nayland Blake’s art at the San Francisco library
2. The "Tales Of The City" house on 28 Barbary Lane (at Columbus and Broadway near City Lights)
3. Green Apple books (506 Clement St, north of GG Park)
4. Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies
5. Playland-not-at-the-beach
6. 24 Karat in Berkeley
7. Walk across the Golden Gate bridge
8. Marin headlands and the Muir woods
9. The Exploratorium and the Palace of Fine Arts
10. Wicked Grounds coffeehouse (289 8th St and Folsom)
11. Golden Gate Park
    Academy of Sciences
    Strybing Arboretum
    Ocean Beach
    The Dutch windmill
    Conservatory of Flowers
    Japanese Tea Garden (again)
12. 49-Mile Drive
13. San Francisco Fire Engine Tours and Adventures
14. Aquarium of the Bay (and Pier 39)
15. Levi's Park
16. Shopping at the Embarcadero Center
17. The Audium (1616 Bush St, North near Van Ness)
18. Angel Island
19. The Zoo
20. See a show at Slim’s (333 11th and Folsom)
21. Takara Sake brewery in Berkeley (708 Addison, near University & 80)
22. Kabuki Springs bath (1750 Geary Blvd at Fillmore)

Also, I never ate at any of the following restaurants. Are any of these amazing? Can you think of somewhere else I should eat?

Eureka Grill (4063 18th St, Castro & Market)
Zapatas (4150 18th St, Castro & Market)
21st Amendment (563 2nd St, south of 80)
Tres Agaves (130 Townsend St, south of 80)
Delfina Pizzeria (3621 18th St, Guerrero south of Market)
The Warming Hut (Presidio Building 983, Marine Dr & Long Ave, GG Bridge)
The Fly Trap (606 Folsom St, at around 2nd)
Ike's Place (3506 16th St, near the Castro)
Firefly (4288 24th St, Noe Valley south of the Castro)
Polly-Anne's Ice Cream (3138 Noriega Street, Sunset south of GG Park)

exploratorium, strybing arboretum, conservatory of flowers, japanese tea garden, slim's

i actually haven't gotten around to Delfina or their pizzeria yet, but they're both well-respected in restaurant circles (caveat - i have former coworkers that work there now, so i'm biased). if you haven't been there for brunch yet, i'd highly recommend Tartine Bakery right next door, too.

If you like nature stuff, #8 is not found anywhere else. On your way there you can drive across #7 (walking over the GG is a little overrated IMHO, especially if you have limited time), #4 you can also drive by, takes about 10 minutes.

Here are my suggestions:

Walk across the bridge.
Nayland Blake's art.
The windmill.

Where will you be going now?

I am moving to Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C.!

I think you need to stay a few more weeks to accomplish all of this! If you get back out here for a visit, call me, and we can go to some of these things together... I love doing this stuff (most of my friends don't). (Visitors tend to see more of our area than the locals)

Edited at 2009-09-18 05:57 pm (UTC)

It's funny how you see more of a city when you're a tourist than when you live there!

I'd love to spend an evening with you guys before I go! Are you free Monday night?

I haven't heard of any of these. Would like to get together before you leave. Did you get my phone message from yesterday?

No! I didn't get a phone message from you. But I don't know how to work my new phone yet... maybe the message is in there {grin}

I have plans for this weekend, but I'll be in the city next weekend for Folsom. I'll know more as the date gets closer. But you were one of the greatest guys I met here... yes, I'd love to get together.

You definitely should do 1, and 8.

Ive never done 5 but it sounds like fun!

9, 12, and 22 are all worth it but really need 4 hours or more to enjoy, and would take too much time at the expense of doing other things.

16 is not worth it.

Don't forget you'll get some bonus play time -- if you're good -- in nine weeks.

If he doesn't get his list completed there is lots of reason for the two of you to head this way for visiting and general romping and frolicking. A reward system for both of you!

Zapatas barely scrapes a rating of average. Don't waste your time.

Firefly is nice but hardly unique. Scratch it from the list.

For activities I'd recommend Alamo Square (it's iconic and also a quick stop), the Exploratorium if you like science, Green Apple only if you're in the neighborhood (It is an amazing collection of used books, but in the end it's still just a bookstore.) You might consider a drivethrough of the park and see the windmill, ocean beach, the bison paddock, the conservatory of flowers if you have time, maybe a stop in the tower of the DeYoung for the view. The Sake Brewery sounds cool, as do the Kabuki Baths, but I've never been to either. Muir woods is nice if you want to make a quick trip to see redwoods before you go (just take the shortest hike, very easy. Some lovely hikes here but if you're pressed for time...) and definitely cross the bridge to see the view of the City from the Marin Headlands. Another iconic photo op.

Eureka Grill, Delfina, and Ikes are all great, but not necessarily world-class-epic-must-eat-before-you-die. I liked the Fly Trap, but again only if you're in the neighborhood. The Warming Hut is not very exciting, but useful if you need coffee while out at Crissy Field or doing Golden Gate Bridge stuff.

The Academy of Science is really fun. If you should find yourself at the windmills be aware that the gentlemen in the bushes are not there for bird watching or gardening ideas.

a VERY impressive list. #2 is actually Macondray lane....runs east of 1940
Jones....Pru's penthouse is 999 Grenn....half a block up Jones

I think it's important to leave things to see another time. What I most enjoy about San Francisco is its natural setting and the produce that comes from its surrounds. All the other stuff is wonderful, but it's still just stuff, and DC has plenty of stuff. I'd go hiking, watch the ocean, see the trees, and then eat wonderful local food and some wine that is too scarce to reach stores and restaurants.

Hey - since you'll be at Folsom, you better look for me and my booth! Woof!!!

Muir Woods plus a beer at The Pelican Inn

Academy of Science

If you can only do one, I'd pick Marin headlands and the Muir woods. It will give you a memory of California that's almost religious.
Slim's as a venue is over rated, too bad no one good is a Bimbo's 365 Club. It's my favorite, and among others I've seen Wanda Jackson, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Flaming Lips and Feist there, and the venue is like being in a night club back the 40's or 50's.