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Walk the plank/ walk the runway
My friend Sam took me to the Northern California Renaissance Faire yesterday in honor of "Talk Like A Pirate Day".



Click here to see what I wore under my kilt! (NSFW)

A pair of black Underarmor briefs. Sorry for the tease, but I needed something to keep my CB-6000 in place!


This is Sam (Jsamc1967@mac.com). He is a very hot top leatherman from San Jose, and is currently single and bored, since I am moving to Washington DC next week.

Click here to see my flickr photoset of some of the
hot men I saw at the Faire

Men7 Men11 Men1 Men2 Me

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Some cute pics -- Sam is adorable, and you're hot in your outfit. A shame about the undies under the kilt ^_-

You look great! As does your mate....

And I can imagine how much lovely eye candy there was there too! *sigh* The chunky one in the black & white tunic is rather scrumptious!)


sexy costume!!! Is Sam on LJ? CB6000....AWESOME!

CB6000? Are you wearing one all the time?

First time I've seen a photo of Sam! Does anyone ever ask if the two of you are brothers?!

WOOF great pic luv the kilt even if you were wearing sumthing under

(Deleted comment)
that's totally work safe you tease you! :)

Sam's looking woofy... Missed the both of you at camp this year...

Always nice to see a man in a kilt! :D

You look riotous. And Sam's a woof, too. Sure you can't drag him to DC with you?

one reason why i love faires...

Always sexy, man! (( *YOU'RE* the pretty one! ;o) ))

Talk like a pirAte day is one of my FAVORITE days all year. your post made me smile and I had to share it with my fiancé DC.

To err is human, to arr is pirate!

You and your friend both have great asses.

Utilikilt. So not period. :-) Then again if it was completely period, the smell of the unwashed masses would be enough to flatten you (and not in the good way). Glad you enjoyed!

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