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I remember when my mom drove me to college; we loaded up the family mini-van with all my stuff, and she dropped me off at the all-male dormitory. She helped me unload my stuff, and then made sure I was safe and ready for the school year to start the next week. But most of all, I remember the feeling when she went away, and I was left alone in my dorm room - the first time I lived alone by myself in my own place. I shut the door and clicked the lock. Mine.

Fast forward thirteen years, and I just moved from San Jose to Alexandria, Virginia. I rented a Ryder truck and filled it with everything I owned in California. My friend David (annoyinghandle ... what an amazing friend) and I drove two days, first to Elko, Nevada, and then through Cheyenne, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado. I still had a computer desk stored at my parent's place in Parker. The next day, I used Craigslist to find two guys who unloaded the truck and reloaded it with a bunch of furniture from my still-unsold house in Denver.

Then, it was my mom again, just like before college, who drove me to my new rented place in DC. It took three days - three looong days driving to St. Louis, then Indianapolis, then Columbus, and finally down to the city. I owe her a lot... my mom is an incredible woman, and I couldn't have done it without her. But there is only one reason I drove 2,070 miles in five days: a new life, a start of a wonderful relationship, and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be someone's and to be someone.

Here is the CD David and I played during the trip, which I thought was appropriate:

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happy new home sweet home

Welcome to the East Coast. Looking forward to a Philly visit!

glad you got there safely! hope it all works well for you!

Very cool post Patrick :)

Indeed a great post and to have your Mom as part of that journey is so cool. I was with mine over the weekend. Fun as always. :-)

Good luck in your new domicile in DC!

And David was good enough to email me various photos and videos from your trip. You're one of the cutest drivers I've ever seen!!! :-)

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