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First day of work
Black eye
Ever drink and blog? It's not pretty... but it's what I'm doing right now. I'm leaving incoherent messages all over my friends' facebook pages. I bet I get defriended before this night is out. How did I get to this low state? I discovered a restaurant just TWO BLOCKS from my new house in Alexandria, Virginia. Check out the ridiculously named Bilbo Baggins on Queen Street.

Oh, I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time here. Alexandria is proving to be a lovely place to live. After work (my *first* day at my new job!) I went for an amazing jog along the banks of the Potomac River, looking northward towards the Washington Memorial and the mall. Simply magical. Unfortunately, I got lost jogging around some sort of coal plant, and when I found my way back home after an hour (I had intended to only jog thirty minutes), I discovered that I had locked myself out of my new apartment! I could see my cell phone on the table in the foyer, but my door key wouldn't work. Frantically, I jumped the back fence, and luckily I forgot to lock the back patio door.

Now I'm eating far too much cheese (I got the appetizer sampler for two) and drinking FAR too much beer (every single one of their October specialties). This place is one of those trendy microbrew places, and I imagine that I will be spending the next few months working my way through their extensive menu of imports. Here is tonight;s list of reviews. Keep in mind that I am incredibly drunk right now, and have no idea what I'm blogging.

Saint Andre 6 I like St. Andre, and I don't know why. Incredibly creamy, but that's about it
Brillo di Trevisco 4 Chalky, not my favorite, but pretty
Whiskey Cheddar 7 Oh man, I love cheddar. The best is aged 3+ years, but this is pretty good, too!
Petite Basque
Danish Blue 9 How can you not like blue cheese? Well, Master Thor doesn't... but that means maybe He will give me His portion!
Chevre 6 Such a soft cheese... I have to be in the mood for it
Jarlsberg 9 Like the world's best swiss cheese, and I love it
Drunken Goat 8 Not the best, but it will always have a special place in my heart for the red wine flavors
Camembert 3 Stinky stinky stinky... like old gym socks, which is funny 'cause I usually like old gym socks
Gouda 6 Dull but dependable

Bilbo Baggins 6 Smooth and simple, but I have a feeling I'll be drinking a lot of this!
Rogue Hazelnut Nectar 6 Very different. Extremely nutty, and I couldn't drink much of it... but good
Black & Tan 8 Wonderful memories. A little "touristy", but I'll drink it just the same
Victory Irish Stout 4 Flat and dark, not my first choice
Arrogant Bastard Ale 8 I love Arrogant Bastard. I want to support them as much as I can - possibly more than their beers deserve
Dogfish Head Punkin 7 Pumpkin beer? Ok, ok... it's not very good, but once a year, I think it's appropriate
Eggenberg Pilsner 4 I like light beers... but this one tasted like a dirty glass
Brooklyn Oktoberfest 6 Better, but I'm still not in love with spicy Octoberfest beers
Pennsylvania Oktoberfest 2 Ah, Oktoberfest. It's beers like this that give Germans a bad name. Well, that and Hitler.
Old Speckled Hen Fine Ale 5 It's flavorful. Too bad I don't like the flavor
Loose Cannon Hop 3 Ale 4 Very hoppy, and I'm not in the mood for hoppy

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That video is so wrong.

(Deleted comment)
You have ingested too much "Ren and Stimpy"! [I, of course, know nothing about them, and I, uh...]

It's not hard to get lost around the power plant down there. :) Glad you're settling in okay.

If they have Kapiti Cheeses from Paraparaumu, New Zealand, then they're truly THE place to eat and drink!!! :-)

They drink a lot in the former Confederacy, even in cosmopolitan northern Virginia.

Good review, dunk and all! :-)

The last time I drank a lot of bee, all it did to me, and this was on an empty stomach was the need to go the bathroom, bad, like I could not get home fast enough to my throne bad and this was after we left the place with me kind of needing to use the john and by the time we got home, I was all but about to burst my bladder, thankfully he lived 3 buildings north of me.

When it let loose, I could to nothing more than breath a sigh of relief - and then go have some late dinner. :-)

I love a good beer and love a good Guinness Stout, but I have to be in the mood for it as it CAN get a little cloying in the taste buds

As for cheese, love Jarlsberg and if you've not had it, try the smoked Gouda, it's wonderful and even better than Gouda which I also love and as for blue cheese, best to go with Gorgonzola, it's even better than the "run of the mill" Blue Cheese.

As you can probably tell, I don't like cheese either. LOL.

Sounded like fun!

Congrats on the move. I had a similar experience, driving up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) on my way home from my first day at work.

I'd love to visit sometime. I owe you one :)

Mold, apparently, is (are?) your friend.


I highly recommend Fiore Sardo. It's very similar to a machengo and was utterly delicious. I'm fond of the Mt. Tam Cowgirl triple cream, but the one from Seal Bay was pretty amazing.

The beer looks yummy which is a dangerous thing to say at this time of the am. It was good to meet you this fall.

Nasty Hobbitses! They stole my precious!

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