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Games Leathermen Play
Today, all of my furniture arrived from the storage facility in Colorado. So, for the first time in over a year, everything I own is under one roof. This includes my large collection of board games. So, instead of unpacking more boxes, Master Thor (thornyc) decided we should relax by playing something. It was a cold rainy night here in Washington DC, and not worth venturing out anyways. I won the best two-out-of-three at Dungeon Dice, but Master Thor beat me to the finish line in Fireball Island. Usually, He just beats me in different ways!

Fireball Island is a very strange game. Since it was published in 1986, it has garnered a cult following. Copies are sold on ebay for around $200. I'm not sure the game deserves that much accolades. At first Master Thor thought the rules were complicated ("This game will never end!") but it proved to have a fun endgame, as He and I stole the winning fireball crystal back and forth, until Master Thor won. I would like to play this game with four people - I bet it's a lot of fun, as well as pure chaos.


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This will sound corny but you look happier in the couple of months of pictures than in any of the previous year or so's.

We should play Bridg-It some time.

I love Bridg-It! I like all games like that... including Twixt and Connections.

You guys make a very cute couple.... I could just see the two of you doing things to each other! :-)

Naked Twister or strip monopoly anyone?

Silly boy. it's always best practice to let Sir win, even when He shouldn't.

"if you want my advice, let the wookie win."

You look SO damn happy. This is a good move.

Your beard is looking good. I cringe when I say that because, almost invariably, whenever I say that it either:

A) Makes them nervous.

B) Makes them immediately cut it.

No! I'm interested to see what my "terminal length" is, and if I look ok with a longer beard. No cutting it fer me! Though I might soak it in motor oil or mud...

as owners of a lot of board games ourselves, we wanna know which ones you have

Edited at 2009-10-18 01:19 pm (UTC)

I think you can see my entire collection at boardgamgeek/patrickkellogg. Let's play a game sometime!

wow, that's a lot...

all of ours are pretty much vintage kid-themed games. it's dark in the house and i'm the only one awake or i'd go refresh my memory in the board game closet but off the top of my head we have ancient versions (and for some of them, that's the only version they come in) of:

battleship, saved by the bell, clue, ker-plunk, the partridge family game, the patty duke game, mystery date, the mall game, the mr. t game, "what shall i wear?", the chippendales game, kreskin's ESP and... that's all i can think of right now...

I pity myself, because I've never played the Mr. T game. What's the goal? To collect the most gold chains?

Your happiness blooms forth like the noon day sun!

Will winner get his way?

You both look very happy. It gives me warm fuzzies. Enjoy setting up your new house!

Ooo OOoo said the old school baord game geek (Scabble, ets,,,)

I love games, too, but being in Washington State, I doubt we'd ever manage a regular game night. I personally prefer the tile-laying types like Carcassone.

Hey, if you play anything on-line (either live or turn-based), let me know. I'm always ready for a good game.

Yes, i would like to play with you. *shy*

Say, I know you're a WoW junkie, are you ever on Second Life?

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