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Not A Drop To Drink

All of a sudden, I have ocean front property.

A water main broke right outside my new rented townhouse (my door is the third one from the right). Bad timing, since I just came back home all sweaty and dirty from playing rugby. The water is shut off, and I'm worried I won't be able to wash the bedsheets in time for Master Thor's visit tomorrow. At least my basement isn't flooded. That would suck.

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Being sweaty and dirty shouldn't be too difficult for you. You can always pick up some nice new sheets in the morning, and a few jugs of water....

Glad your home wasn't flooded!

If I was a good slave, I'd wake up early in the morning and find a laundromat. Master Thor is worth it!

why can't slaveboys go to laundromats? Or drop off the sheets at a "same-day service" laundry?

You have no idea what the sheets are covered with...

Awesome!! Skinny Dipping time!!!

Lemons? Lemonade. Put on your rubbers, into the street, and make mud pies!

I would think this would be a good thing for you. Just wait until there's a big muddy hole opened up in the street.

...plus theyre great for olden day music making.. yay :)

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