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It's November! And that means the holidays are starting and things will get crazy. I will be bouncing back and forth from the east coast to the west, with a brief stop in the middle. Here is where I will be:

November 13-18 In San Francisco for VMWare Orchestrator training

November 20-22 New York City

November 26-December 1 Thanksgiving in San Francisco

December 11-13 The 12 Days of Christmas in Baltimore, probably

December 23-29 Christmas in Denver

December 29-January 1 New Year's in Orange County (LA)

Call me at 303-594-9220 if you want to get together, or email kellogg@dim.com

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Happy Helladays.
Happy helladays.
You'll be traveling all winter,
happy Helladays...toooo youuuuuu

I'll see ya in the city by the bay!

Uh. ... I live in the bayou city?

I'm thinking of schlepping down to B'more for 12 days! Maybe I'll see you? Are you getting a table with all the bears? :)

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