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A quiet weekend
 I goofed off all weekend. But that's ok... I came across this quote from that resonated with me:

When from our better selves we have too long
Been parted by the hurrying world, and droop,
Sick of its business, of its pleasures tired,
How gracious, how benign, is Solitude.
William Wordsworth

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It was nice to have a weekend of quiet: the rest of November will be crazy. I'll be in San Francisco next weekend, New York City the weekend after that, and then back to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping I can visit the Ferry Building while I'm there! Thanks to you, I have some cravings for chocolate...

I was touched when I read this Gaelic phrase "ciúnas gan uaigneas" (KEW-nuss gon OO-ig-nuss). It means "quietness without loneliness", and I think it fits my mood tonight. Hope you are well as well.

Let me know if you and the Thormeister are available sometime Thankgiving week. Be good to get together.

For some unknown reason, I just can't picture you having a "quiet" weekend...

Maybe the new location and job are doing you the world of good!!?


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