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Shaky Town
I was in San Francisco last weekend for work. I had a good time. Here are some of the things I did:


pup_ajax loves the jellies, too. I saw them at the Aquarium of the Bay on Pier 39.


The Stanford Marching Band was playing on Fisherman's Wharf. I also got to go to the Musee Mecanique, which I love.


I went to wrestling practice with the Golden Gate Wrestlers. They are all excited about the 2010 Gay Games to be held next year on July 31 to August 7 in Cologne, Germany.


After the practice, I rewarded myself with a rainbow-colored cookie from Hot Cookie, and cute bear chatted me up at Starbears. I lived in the bay area for an entire year, and never had a guy come up to me before. I think the magic words to pick up men in San Francisco are, "Hi, I'm from out of town, and my plane leaves tomorrow".


I got my hair cut at Joe's Barbershop on Market. I also got to go to Medium Rare records, and Amoeba in the Haight, where I bought a Criterion Blu-ray version of "The Wages Of Fear", just because I love the oil-soaked ending of the movie.



I also got to walk around the Palace of Fine Arts, thought I skipped the Exploratorium.



I also walked around the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. I wanted to see the DeYoung and the California Academy of Sciences, but saved that for another time.


I went to Berkeley to check out the 14 Karats jewelry store, as well as the 'zine exhibit at the Berkley Art Museum. Unfortunately, there was a football game against Arizona that day, so parking was difficult.

I did other things: bars, restaurants, movies, sex. But I love to play tourist, and I am looking forward to coming back to San Francisco in two weeks for Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Weekend Plans??

Busy weekend planned??

Re: Thanksgiving Weekend Plans??

I don't know about Thanksgiving. I'll be with Master Thor, and He gets to set the itinerary!

the Palace of Fine Arts is just a few blocks from my new office in the Presidio. One of the odder things about San Francisco is that the touristy stuff is ok when you don't live here, but the natives generally avoid all that neato-peachy-keen nifty stuff. And yes, mens who are guaranteed to leave soon are far more desirably woofier than the ones you may run into at the worst possible time (like when you're out with your regular guy at Safeway or in line at the Castro).

You're overcompensating for what you truly miss.

i'm not sure what You mean Sir

Well one of these times I'll run into you when you are in town.

"I think the magic words to pick up men in San Francisco are, "Hi, I'm from out of town, and my plane leaves tomorrow". LOLROTF!!! That is so true!! (I type with tears laughing down my face)

Your facial hair is looking all woofy and stuff.

(Deleted comment)
The jellyfish are neat.

Your facial hair is looking all woofy and stiff.

Oh! Then I should shave it. {grin}

I think the Jellyfish are pretty damn cool too!

Oh and "Hi, I'm from out of town, and my plane leaves tomorrow" works anywhere really ;o)

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