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Saturday, November 21, 2009 is a day of remembrance for Mr. Marcus. I will miss the service in San Francisco and the memorial lunch in Washington DC this weekend, but I wanted to share something.

I never got to spend time with Mr. Marcus. But it was my fault - not his. When I was single and lonely in San Jose last sumer, I sent emails to some Masters with profiles on Recon.com. Very few of them responded. But Mr. Marcus sent a wonderful email (two or three, in fact... we spoke back and forth for a bit), inviting me to come up to his place some weekend. He was very nice to me during a time I needed that from the leather community. I can't imagine anybody filling his shoes. Who would have the strength and patience to write about the San Francisco leather world week after week (after week, after week, after...)

I'm sure the leather community will continue. But I think it's because of Mr. Marcus that it's held together. There will be a new leather column, and someone else will write it. But nobody will be like him.

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He was a very sweet man, and will truly be missed :(

Every time I met him, he was a gentleman. Unfortunately, the last time I saw him was at a leather contest where he was asleep at the judges table. Maybe that reflects more on the contestants than on him. Still, I respect him for continually keeping the buzz going in the leather world.

Kind of funny/strange. I would bump into Mr Marcus year after year, and his response would always be "And who are you again?" I guess I wasn't young/cute/celebrated enough.

Please remember that he probably met tens or hundreds of thousands of people a year. And everyone's rockin your bald looks these days!

I have trouble enough with people's names and I only meet hundreds of people a year.

That said, points for remembering people's names. I was always impressed by Guy Baldwin, who always made it a point to say hello to me when our paths crossed, and he always remembered my name.

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