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Ramune, ne?
As a holiday treat, I bought myself a 12-pack of Ramune soda.


It's the only children's drink I can think of that contains a choking hazard intentionally built in; there is a glass marble plugging up the top of the bottle. If you can figure out the puzzle, the marble falls onto two little glass rails where it is trapped in the top chamber, and the liquid can flow around it and into your mouth. There are fun flavors such as wasabi, kimchi, bubble gum, and curry.


Instructions on opening:

1. Peel off the seal. Lift off the green cap and push down the center to release the opener
2. Place the opener onto the top of the Ramune bottle and press down firmly with your palm
3. This will open the bottle by dislodging the stopper. Keep pressing for 5 seconds
4. Remove the green opener from the bottle and discard


And who doesn't love a creamy colon?


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it actually predates bubble tea by several decades.

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