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Gay Rights in 2010?
I had forgotten about the upcoming legal challenge to Prop 8 that will be heard next year. Check out this article in the American Prospect:


This is more than state-by-state incrimentalism, nor it is an arcane legal challenge like this year's debate on if Prop 8 was an amendment or a revision. Instead, this is the whole tamale - finally, a legal case that will reach the US Supreme Court to decide if homosexuality is part of the human condition, or merely a random sexual fetish. Read the article... this is the only action on gay rights we will see in 2010, since all of the oxygen in the room will be consumed by positioning for the upcoming midterm elections.

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Dude. They're picking a fight with the Terminator.

The case is officially called "Perry v. Schwarzenegger". Would your opinion change if the plaintiff was STEVE Perry, former lead singer of the rock band Journey? Now *that* is a trial I'd watch. The Terminator would morph back to life from a pool of liquid silver, but all of a sudden Perry would fly down from the heavens with his microphone is his hand... just like in that early 1980's videogame. Battle Royale with cheese!

Edited at 2009-12-04 09:49 pm (UTC)

What an excellent idea. Considering the amount of money and stupidity that will be spent on it, it's not only a better method of making a decision, it's also a more entertaining use of the funds.

I only wish the court didn't have such right wing extremists on it right now.

Edited at 2009-12-05 12:52 am (UTC)

It's worth noting that Steve Perry and Journey are/were a San Fran Bay area band, but beyond that, it's a well-written article. In some ways, it may be an advantage that there is such a strong conservative bench currently among the Supremes. The equal protection clause is among the most solidly conservative principles in American law. Absent a current war waged on the US by some predominantly gay country (if such a thing existed), legal precedent makes it very tough to successfully argue against extending equal rights. The religionist arguments over continuing anti-gay discrimination tend not to fit well with our Constitution, for good reason. Thanks for posting this!

The other question is loosely related to single-gender marriage in DC - if it becomes legal, will Master Thor decide to legally bind His boy in marriage? Interestingly, most of the single-gender marriages in my personal circle have been Master/slave or Master/boy unions....clearly there's a trend, and a stronger drive for Dom/sub couples to establish legal ownership. Since marriage itself was originally a way for a Man to legally and publicly establish His ownership of His fucktoy and primary house servant (or servants, depending on one's cultural mores), it seems a natural fit....

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