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Mudcub's Most Disappointing CDs of 2009
I used to call this list the "Worst CDs of 2009", but I don't think that's fair. I'm sure there was a lot of awful music that I never heard. The difference with this list is that these were all CDs that I *bought*. I still own genuine physical proof of the mistake, and I can't bring myself to sell them back (yet). I hope you didn't waste your money on any of the these, too.

1. Weezer "Ratitude"
2. Flight Of The Conchords "I Told You I Was Freaky"
3. Alan Cumming "I Bought A Blue Car Today"
4. U2 "No Line On The Horizon"
5. The Prodigy "Invaders Must Die"
6. Ben Kweller "Changing Horses"
7. The Killers "Live From The Royal Albert Hall"
8. Nellie McKay "Normal As Blueberry Pie - A Tribute To Doris Day"
9. Various Artists "Ben Folds Presents: University A Capella!"
10. Jet "Shaka Rock"

And even thought I still love both of these artists, I can't say I was impressed by either The Swell Season "Strict Joy" or David Gray "Draw The Line".

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(Deleted comment)
I've bought a few hundred dollars of MP3 on iTunes, and have ripped friend's copies as an "evaluation". ANd of course, I've tried every Napster/BitTorrent/ftp client that comes around. But there's something cool about supporting the artist, and appreciating something they've intentionally put out, in the format they intended. Plus I've had two bad hard drive crashes in the past ten years where I've lost everything, and the backups weren't as complete as I thought. In one case, Apple let me download the missing music again, but not in the other. I'm a little pissed off at that - Apple has a receipt that I bought the music, and it costs the next to nothing to let me download it again. But instead I've learned the hard way that tangible things have value (books, CDs, DVDs) while anything you get free from the internet (freeware, porn) isn't worth the bits it's printed on.

Nellie? Really? Was one of my faves of the year.

Wow! I'm embarrassed that I have no idea who Nellie is. Man? Or Woman? Rap artist? Or R & B? The name sounds vaguely familiar...

#8 on your list of most disappointing CDs of the year...

Weird, I really loved Invaders Must Die, I thought it was a proper return to form for them.

I dunno... I hated the artwork, and it all seemed so formulaic. My electronic music tastes have moved on since 1994, and I was hoping for some evolution for the band. Return to form is good, you're right, but it's about a decade too late for me. The CD wasn't even fun for me as nostalgia. Your mile varied, evidently

To an extent, it is forumlaic, but going back, everything from Prodigy was to an extent.

But yeah, I hated the album at first, but I have grown to like it and then I'll hate it for a few weeks and then like it again. *shrug*

Fat of the Land felt the same way to me. And the way overplayed "Voodoo People".

Might I suggest that "No Line on the Horizon" carries with it the weight of every U2 album before it in most people's minds, whereas, if it were a debut album from a new group, you'd be creaming your pants over it? No?

You have a point, although I liked "All You Can't Leave Behind". It's just that U2 has had so many mediocre CDs since "Rattle and Hum". I wish they would have disbanded in the early nineties (see also "R.E.M.")

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