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Mudcub's Best Techno of 2009

When I worked at a CD store, we had a section called "R&B". Us employees called it "The Musical Ghetto". Because no matter the artist, if they were black, that's where their CD went. Charlie Pride sat next to Prince. Living Color and Bad Brains sat next to rap artists. For mixed groups like "Hootie And The Blowfish", the manager would judge by the cover photo. Those CDs were all were sold at the front of the store near the registers, since we were supposed to watch out for shoplifting from that section.
Anyway, I find it also weird that I always separate "Techno" from my top CDs of the year. No matter if it's any of the millions of genres (genri?) of electronic music ("house", "jungle", "two-step", "gabber", etc.) I have them all listed on my iPod as "techno". I don't know why I starting doing this - I think I wanted to give some great intellectual artists like Kid Koala or Autechre a chance to compete against pop tunes. But lately electronic music has felt kind of stagnant to me, and I'm starting to wonder why these CDs are given their own list. But I liked them all, if that means anything...
1. The Bloody Beetroots "Romborama"
2. Calvin Harris "Ready For The Weekend"
3. VNV Nation "Of Faith, Power, And Glory"
4. Information Society "Synthsizer"
5. Gus Gus "24/7"
6. Royskopp "Junior"
7. Benny Benassi "Toolroom Knights Mixed By Benny Benassi"
8. Basement Jaxx "Scars"
9. Franz Ferdinand "Blood: Franz Ferdinand"
10. Simian Mobile Disco "Temporary Pleasure" 
Groove Armada "Soundboy Rock"
Air "Love 2"
LCD Soundsystem "45:33 Remixes"
DJ Spooky "The Secret Song"
Peaches "I Feel Cream"
Kylie Minogue "Boombox"
The Crystal Method "Divided By Night"
The Chemical Brtohers "Remixes"
Fischerspooner "Entertainment"

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