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Someone asked me what my favorite sexual position is. i didn’t have a quick answer… more of a whole scene:
i am in padded fistmitts, so i can’t use my hands. The tips of the fistmitts have rings on them, and they are attached by chains to the ceiling, raising my arms up high so i have to smell my own stinking armpits. There are also wrist restraints for extra security. There is no way i’m getting out of these things until the scene is over.

My Master put a padded hood on me, too. No eyeholes. Just noseholes and a small grommet near the mouth for breathing. Underneath the hood, my ears are plugged with industrial earplugs, so i can’t hear a thing. The entire world is silence and darkness.

i’ve got a wiffle ball gag in my mouth. i can breathe around it, but it causes me to drool uncontrollably. There is spit already soaking my mustache and beard, and periodically, a stream of spit and snot trickles out of my mouth grommet and oozes onto the concrete floor. A thick leather collar makes sure i won’t get out of the hood, and there is a chain securing my neck to the wall behind me. The whole contraption is locked on with a large padlock for the next few hours.

i am kneeling on the concrete in a puddle of piss. My Master thoughtfully had me put on my kneepads, so the pressure on my legs isn’t bad. At least not yet. i’ve got on heavy woolen socks under my huge black leather army boots, and there is a leg spreader keeping my ankles two feet apart at all times. This opens up my buttcheeks, showing off my quivering greased asshole.

My asshole is wide open, being stretched up a large greased dildo. The dildo is stuck to the floor with a suction cup, and i’m riding it hard. My Master ordered me today to fuck myself with it until i cum. i am frantically trying to rock back and forth, bouncing up and down to get the dildo to hit my magic spot on my prostate. Large amounts of pre-cum and pouring out of my dick onto the concrete floor for me to lick up later.

Milking my prostate by myself is made harder by the nipple clamps i’ve got on, each one stretched to the wall across from me: the left nipple pulled up and left, the right one up and right. So, every time i try to sit back on the dildo, i torture myself with a hard tug. The nipple clamps are the “clover” type that pinch harder and harder the more they are pulled.

There is a heavy weight on my balls, and it is attached by a short chain to an eyehook in the floor. This makes sure i can’t raise up off the dildo without yanking on myself. Of course, i do it anyway, over and over again. i am a stinking, drooling mess pistoning myself on a huge dildo, in a sightless noiseless world of pain and pleasure, trying to please my Master with a hopeless orgasm.

Occasionally, my Master gives the dildo more grease, or replaces it with a larger one, or one with bumps and angles that stretch my hole. And rarely, he slicks up his hand with lube, and jacks my dick off for a few strokes. For these seconds, i’m in heaven, my ass and mouth filled, my nipples and balls stretched to their limit, and grunting like a happy pig under the hot sweaty leather hood.
Yeah, that's how i want to be.
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